Google Pay Go India is trending on Twitter, here’s why

Google Pay is hosting a game called Go India on its app for both iOS and Android users. Users can win an assured reward of up to Rs 501 by playing the game.

  • Google Pay Go India game is available for both Android and iOS users
  • Visit all the cities in the game to win the Go India Champion reward of up to Rs 501
  • The Go India contest will end on November 25th

Google’s virtual game on the Google Pay app, called Go India, is getting a lot of people talking and is currently trending on social media platforms like Twitter. Users have been sharing tickets of different cities for extra kilometres to win the game. The Mountain View company is offering an assured reward of up to Rs 501 to those who virtually visit all cities in India via Google Pay. If you manage to visit all the cities, you will be crowned as the ‘Go India Champion’ and earn the reward. The Go India game on the Google Pay app will be live till November 25th for all users on Android and iOS. Here’s everything you need to know about the Go India game and how you can win the cash prize.

What is the Go India game on Google Pay?

Go India is a virtual game on Google Pay that allows you to visit cities across India. This can be done with a combination of city tickets and kilometres (KM), which you earn by making payments or recharge and sharing to or asking a friend. A user will have to visit all cities before November 25th to win Go India Champion reward of Rs 101 – Rs 501. Google says that “you will see a total number of cities in a specific region once you visit a city within this region.” The total number of cities you can visit per day is limited but will not be less than 3 cities – you will see an in-game notification once you reach the applicable limit.

The number of kilometers needed to visit one city to another is said to be based on the real distance between them. Additionally, there will be a quiz and virtual cultural events planned inside the Go India game and users who participate in them can win scratch card worth Rs 20 to Rs 100 bonus photos, KMs or city tickets. Each virtual cultural event will be held for a limited time only. You will also earn milestone gifts in a form of vouchers on every 5th city you visit.

How to play Go India game on Google Pay?

  • To play the Go India game on Google Pay, you will first have to enable it.
  • The game is available with the latest version of the app 67 and above of the app for both Android and iOS users. You can check your app version on Google Play Store or App Store and update.
  • Once that’s done, open the app and you’ll be notified about the game. If not, scroll to the bottom of the page until you see the ‘Promotions’ section.
  • Besides the ‘Rewards’ and ‘Offers’ options, you’ll see ‘Go India’ option. Tap on it to enter the game and visit cities.
After you’ve entered the game, you will start your journey from any of the two starting cities: Amritsar or Bengaluru. Selecting either one of them will help you earn welcoming one-time gift, which may be a combination of a city ticket and KM. You will receive a city photo upon reaching every city. Unless there’s a cultural event, you can’t travel back to the city.