Google Photos will soon allow users to search for text in images

“Using optical character recognition, Google Photos will be able to search for a specific image using the text in them”

Google has quietly announced that it will soon be rolling out a cool new feature to Google Photos. The photo service will be able to search for images in the library by the text in them. Google Photos already allows users to search for photos based on names, faces, events, location, etc. However, to search for an image using the text in it, Google will be utilising its powerful Lens feature. Google Lens has optical character recognition, or OCR, which can identify text from images.

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With the new feature, coming later this month, users can search for text in images. Google hasn’t really detailed the entire process yet, but we expect a full post to be out soon. It is a common practice to take a picture of something important. This feature can come in very handy when you’re trying to find a password, a phone number, or some other text that you’ve saved on your phone by taking a picture of it.

Apart from the ability to search for images using text in them, Google is also rolling out the ability to copy and paste the text. For example, you have saved your Wi-Fi password by taking a picture of it. You can now search for it in Google Photos and once you find it, you can copy/paste the password. Users can copy/paste text from an image by using the Google Lens button. Simply open the image in Google Photos, tap on the Lens button, select the text in the image, and tap the ‘Copy text’ option.

The new feature is currently rolling out to users on Android. We have tested this and it does work. You can search for an image by the text in it, then copy and paste this text by selecting it via Google Lens. This is a really good feature and will soon be available for all users. It will work on both iOS and Android devices. You can also use the feature in the Google Photos website.