Google to add ‘palm rejection’ option to Pixel’s Ambient Display feature

“The feature could be included in the next Android Q Beta release, or with the first stable Android Q release”

The Always-On display has been an increasingly practical feature to have, allowing users to view notifications, time, and other details without actually waking up the entire display. It’s also present on the Google Pixel phones as Ambient Display. The feature can be always-on or can be turned on by double-tapping or lift the phone to see it. Now, users’ report the functionality isn’t always perfect as it gets dismissed too quickly, thereby revealing the lock screen. This completely lights up the display even when not intended, which can be annoying.

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This behaviour can result in more battery usage. One user suggested that Google add palm rejection on the ambient display and reduce the double-tap area of the Ambient display to restrict unintended wake ups. To that, a Googler responded and said, “Feature will be available in later releases.” Since the response is vague, an exact timeline for its release or how it will be implemented is unknown. It could be included in the next Android Q Beta release, or with the first stable Android Q release. Either way, it’s good Google acknowledged the issue and vowed to fix it.

Previously, Google was reportedly testing a new feature that’ll make it easier for users to share search result directly from the Search app. The beta version of the latest Google app includes a new Share button in the address bar. Tapping the bar opens up a new share box with a link to the search result along with shortcuts for WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, etc. For now, the feature is available only in the latest beta.

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