Google Pixel Buds (2020) spotted on NCC, launch expected in Q3

“Not much is known about the technical details of the upcoming Pixel Buds, except for wireless charging support on its charging case.”

Google seems set to launch a new generation of its truly wireless earphones, dubbed Google Pixel Buds (2020). The upcoming pair of truly wireless earphones are expected to launch alongside Google’s next-generation flagship phones, so far slated to be the Pixel 5 series. The Pixel Buds (2020) have so far appeared on the database of the Wireless Charging Consortium (WCC), which seemingly confirmed its wireless charging case and how it may look like. Now, the Pixel Buds 2020 have appeared on Thailand’s certifying authority, the NCC’s database.

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The NCC listing does not actually reveal any purported specifications or how the new generation Pixel Buds would look. Instead, they simply list down the product, complete with two earbuds and the wirelessly charging case, which suggests that it is ready for launch. The coded nomenclature on the wireless charging case is G1013, which falls in line with the previous WCC listing that also registered the charging case as G1013 by Google.

Interestingly, the two earbuds of the Pixel Buds (2020) are listed as having separate technical nomenclature and are named G1007 and G1008, respectively. The new Pixel Buds (2020) are slated to be truly wireless earphones and come with a charging case that can now be charged wirelessly. The previous WCC database listing had revealed that the wireless charging case of the Pixel Buds (2020) can charge at up to 5W charging speed, which is the basic charging rate of any wirelessly charging device. Given that truly wireless earphones typically have small batteries, the entire setup should not take too long to charge even at the 5W charging speed.

However, not much else is known about the Pixel Buds (2020) so far, as there has been no significant report on it. When Samsung launched its 2020 flagship, the Galaxy S20 series, it also launched upgraded true wireless earphones with touch and gesture control. Going forward, it is possible that the Pixel Buds (2020) might come with an interesting set of features. With a number of months to go before its expected launch time, it is likely that we will see more details about the earphones leaked.