Leak suggests there will be only one Google Pixel Tablet, no ‘Pro’ version

Android researcher and notable tipster, Kuba Wojciechowski suggests that there will not be any 'pro' version of the tablet.

  • Leaks suggest that Google will release only one version of the Pixel Tablet
  • Previous leaks suggested that Google was working on a standard version and a Pro version
  • New leak suggest only one version will be released that that will be powered by the Tensor G2 chip

Google is expected to make its grand entry back into the tablet market this year with the Pixel Tablet. Initial reports suggested that the tablet would have a standard as well as a Pro version. However, Android researcher and notable tipster, Kuba Wojciechowski, revealed that there will only be one version of the tablet and that the Pro version is cancelled.

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It was initially believed that Google would launch the standard version with the first-gen Tensor chip and the Tensor G2 chip. These were tipped to have the code names ‘Tangor’ and Tangorpro’. Now though, we might get just one version, powered by the Tensor G2 which will come without the Pro moniker. This would mean that the standard version with the older, first-gen Tensor processor was cancelled sometime during development.

This is further compounded by Google itself. In a post on its official blog, Google mentions explicitly that the Pixel Tablet will be powered by the Tensor G2 processor. They also seem to stick to mentioning the tablet as a singular device and not a series. This adds further credence to Wojciechowski’s claims. It should be noted that the Tensor G2 is the same processor that powers the current generation of Google Pixel smartphones, namely the Pixel 7 and the Pixel 7 Pro.

Google Pixel Tablet specifications

A few months ago, Wojciechowski revealed some of the device’s specifications. He noted that the device might offer an 11-inch display with support for Wi-Fi 6 connectivity. He also noted that the device might be available in two storage variants, 128GB and 256GB. In the blog post mentioned above, Google suggests that the Pixel Tablet might be a hybrid device of sorts. Merging traditional tablets with smart displays such as the Amazon Echo Show series.

The device will come with the Charging Speaker Dock, which will not only charge the device but also act as an external speaker. This will give users hands-free access to Google Assistant, while also providing a base where they can easily watch movies or display photos. Google hopes that this will ensure that the tablet becomes an integral part of a person’s home instead of being put away in a drawer when not in use.