Google Pixel 6 and Pixel foldable phone model numbers spotted in Android 12 beta build

Google Pixel 5a is expected to launch before the Pixel 6 series.

  • Pixel 6 series, Pixel 5a, and ‘Passport’ foldable phone model numbers spotted in Android 12 beta.
  • The phones are expected to launch later this year but the timeline isn’t clear.
  • Android 12 beta build doesn’t reveal Pixel 6 specifications.

Google has officially introduced Android 12 to the world and has released Beta 1 build to Pixel phones and phones from other OEMs. Now, in the beta build, folks at 9to5Google have found model numbers of all ‘Made by Google’ phones that will release in 2021, including the Pixel 6 series and the reported foldable ‘Passport’ phone. The Pixel 6 lineup is said to comprise as many as three models and prior to their launch, Google will be unveiling Pixel 5a. Interestingly, the model numbers listed are for Japanese variants of the Pixel 6 and other phones.

  • Pixel 5a 5G- G4S1M (codename Barbet)
  • Pixel 6 series- GR1YH (codename Orole)
  • Pixel 6 series- GF5KQ (codename Raven)
  • Pixel foldable- GpQ72 (codename Passport)

9to5Google says that even though the Pixel foldable phone model number is included in the Android 12 build, it doesn’t necessarily mean that Google will indeed release the device this year. This is considering the build also includes a model number for ‘Needlefish’, a Pixel phone’s codename that was first discovered in 2019 and is believed to be a variant of the Pixel 5 with 5G connectivity that never launched. Unfortunately, the Android 12 build doesn’t reveal much else about the Pixel 6 or the foldable phone hardware details.

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Separately, Pixel 6 is expected to come with the Google-made GS101 chipset and it has codename Whitechapel. The company is partnering with Samsung’s system large-scale integration (SLSI) division for the chipset. Since SLSI is behind Exynos chipset, the Google-made chipset could have common features with Samsung Exynos SoCs. Recent reports have indicated the Whitechapel could be built on a 5nm process and have an octa-core ARm chipset with two Cortext-A78 CPU cores and quad Cortex-A55 cores and ARM Mali GPU.