Google adds one touch access to privacy features to key products, Maps to get Incognito mode

Google Maps Incognito

“One-touch access to privacy features will be available on key Google products, including Chrome, Search, Assistant, YouTube, News, and Maps”

Google has kicked off the I/O 2019 with tons of new announcements, one among them is the privacy-focused one-touch access to user’s Google account including in the Search results. This will allow users to access all their privacy features under one single roof. The one-touch access will be available on key Google products including Chrome, Search, Assistant, YouTube, News, and Maps as well and will make it easier for users to change privacy settings whenever they want, on the go. The recently announced ‘auto-delete controls’ option will also be present in the privacy section.

Google Maps Incognito

Furthermore, Google added Incognito mode to Chrome back in 2010; now it is adding the same to the Maps app. This will allow users to access Maps without storing or linking the data to the user’s account. The feature can be accessed by tapping the user’s profile picture icon in the hamburger menu and choose the “turn on Incognito mode” option. This is an essential addition considering the locations you search can be sensitive some times. Incognito mode on Maps will soon join Chrome and YouTube, which have had the feature for a while now.

As for the one-touch access to privacy settings, it’s currently available for web and apps; location history will be added to this shortly. Google also said that it will continue to bring such features to more controls over time. Lastly, Google is making two-step verification even more convenient for users by bringing the protection of security keys directly into smartphones running Android 7.0 Nougat and above.

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