Google IO 2014: Google showcases a working prototype of the Project Ara modular smartphone

“This is the first working prototype of the Project Ara modular smartphone”

Google has showcased a working prototype of its Project Ara modular smartphones at the Google I/O 2014 event. This project basically attempts to offer a device with multiple modules, which users can replace or swap out to have a customised experience, similar to assembling PCs.
Project Ara design

The device showcased at the event is not much to look at. Also it froze after booting Android, but it’s still an innovative move towards a new-generation of smartphones. The Project Ara head Paul Eremenko said there are plenty of challenges ahead for these devices, including the challenge of merging the tech into a stylish design for the consumers.
Project Ara test unit

Google isn’t keeping the design of the Project Ara devices to itself. Eremenko also announced a Project Ara developer prize competition. Interested designers have to submit a working module of a Project Ara device to the company by September 1st, and the winner will take away a prize of $100,000.