Google’s G Suite and other major Twitter accounts hacked by Bitcoin scammers

“The long list of accounts that have been hacked include retail giants, politicians, and government handles”

The bitcoin giveaway scam which has been targeting numerous retail giants, politicians, and government accounts on Twitter, has made Google its latest victim. Attackers supposedly breached an official Google account on Twitter and blasted the Bitcoin giveaway message to its over 80,000 followers. It was first noticed on Twitter by Ernst Mulders, who provided TheNextWeb with a screenshot of the tweet from G Suite’s official handle, detailing the giveaway. The tweet was reportedly removed immediately after Mulders took the screenshot but judging from the image, it did stay online for at least 11 minutes. There’s been no statement from Google in this regards, but as and when it does appear, we’ll update the copy likewise.

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This is not an isolated incident, as earlier today US retail giant Target also fell victim to the same malicious scam. Its official handle displayed the giveaway tweet for over half an hour, post which the company contacted Twitter to solve the issue. According to a report by the TheNextWeb, Twitter has acknowledged the string of high-profile hackings on its platform and is currently addressing the same. In an email conversation between Twitter and Hard Fork (TheNextWeb subsidiary) the social media platform confirmed that they’ve “been in close contact with Target since morning” and the fact that “their account was inappropriately accessed for approximately half an hour”.

Twitter has currently locked Target’s handle and is investigating the breach and is also in touch with other such account holders. India’s National Disaster Management Authority (NDMA), the official account of the Indian consulate in Germany, and accounts of some US and Israeli politicians have been other victims of this hacking scandal.