Google will roll out WhatsApp chat migration feature from iPhones to Android 12 devices

  • Google will enable WhatsApp migration feature from iPhones to Android phones 
  • This feature will solely be available to devices running Android 12 
  • This transfer functionality will require a Lightning to USB Type C cable 

Transferring WhatsApp chat data between iOS and Android devices has been an arduous task and Google‘s announcement on the chat migration availability from iPhones to Android devices on Android 12 devices and Pixels comes as a boon. This feature is currently available on Samsung devices for Android versions 10 and above. Google has confirmed that it will roll out the chat history transfer feature for all Android smartphones running on Android 12 and on Pixel devices. Cross-platform WhatsApp chat migration has always been an issue and there are multiple third-party applications that exist to address the same issues. The problem remains in the fact that these apps are often unreliable and their levels of success are often variable. 

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WhatsApp chat migration coming to Pixel, Android 12 devices 

Google officially rolled out a statement on the feature to migrate WhatsApp chats from iPhones to Android and said that they have worked closely with the WhatsApp team to deliver. This new feature will allow reliable transfer without losing out your data midway or without underperforming. The transfer has been made simple to use and takes care of all actions automatically.

The process is simple and will require a Lightning to USB Type C cable to execute. While performing the transfer a QR code will be projected that would need to be scanned to initiate the process. The transfer will happen seamlessly. Google says that the chats will be copied directly from the iPhone to the Android device and will automatically stop new messages to be received that could hamper the process. 

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