Hero Electric will ensure its electric two-wheelers fully charge in just 15 minutes

Hero Electric partners with Log9 Materials to deploy its InstaCharge RapidX battery packs with ultra-low 15 minute charge times. Read on to know more.

  • Hero Electric ties up with Log9 Materials to utilise a specialty high-performance battery system.
  • Log9 InstaCharge RapidX battery packs ensure full charge within just 15 minutes.
  • Outright purchase, as well as BAAS business models, will be deployed for availing this technology.

Hero Electric, one of the prominent two-wheeler market pioneers, has tied up with Log9 Materials to deliver a one-off charging infrastructure system. Hero Electric is expanding its foothold in the EV two-wheeler market and has now adopted a new cutting edge technology developed by Log9 Materials that can deliver quick charges within 15 minutes while preserving battery life. This is made possible by Log9 InstaCharge RapidX battery packs that are capable of fully charging in just 15 minutes. This feature greatly improves the practicality and usability of electric two-wheelers especially for B2B deployed vehicles. This increases dependability on electric charging infrastructure making adoption of zero-tailpipe-emission vehicles easier. 

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Hero Electric wants to deliver the lowest charge time for its electric 2-wheelers

Hero Electric’s entire EV lineup will adopt Log9’s InstaCharge RapidX battery packs. Two options will be provided for accessing these high-performance battery packs – outright purchase and Battery-as-a-Service (BAAS) business models, similar to what Bounce introduced with its Infinity E1 electric scooter. This new development will especially be beneficial for B2B operations and fleet operators, as it greatly reduces charging time as well as reduces operational costs as the InstaCharge RapidX batteries can be had for nominal monthly rates. 

On the topic, Sohinder Gill, CEO, Hero Electric “Unlike Petrol, the charge on an E2W is limited, leading to a shorter driving range. In the year 2019, we launched bikes with the option of doubling the range. All our bikes also have easily removable batteries and many of our customers are now charging their portable batteries while at the workplace or in their apartments.”

The swappable architecture of battery systems on the Hero Electric e-2-wheelers enables charging at a convenient location while also paving way for battery swapping. This will enable business operators to keep riders on the move for a longer uninterrupted span of time. Quick charging greatly enhances operational tenure improving profits as well as lowering emissions.

Log9 InstaCharge RapidX battery specifications 

The Log9 InstaCharge RapidX battery packs improve battery engineering that consequently resulted in nine times faster charging, better performance, lower battery degradation, and battery life. The RapidX battery packs have an operational range between -30 degrees and 60 degrees of temperature while extensive testing has promoted the batteries to good reliability standards. Measures to prevent fires and ensure maximum safety with an expected life of 20 years also make the batteries utterly usable across most E2W applications.