Tired of ever-increasing petrol prices? Turn your Hero Splendor into an electric bike with this EV conversion kit

The Hero Splendor EV Conversion Kit has been approved by the RTO

  • The Hero Splendor electric conversion kit’s price starts at Rs 35,000
  • The entire kit with the battery and the GST will cost you up to Rs 95,000
  • This electric conversion kit claims to offer up to 150km range from a single charge

The Hero Splendor is a popular bike in the country and is known for its good reliability, cheap maintenance, and fuel efficiency. However, with the rising petrol prices in the country, even Splendor owners are suffering. To tackle this issue, and for the betterment of the environment, a company from Thane, Maharashtra has launched an RTO-approved EV conversion kit for the Hero Splendor. GoGoA1 is an EV startup that has announced the electric kit which turns the gas guzzler into an electric vehicle. Let’s take a look at the features, pricing, and other details of this kit.

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Hero Splendor electric conversion kit features and price

Converting your motorcycle to an electric bike can be a task, and will cost you a lot of money. However, if you own a Hero Splendor, and are tired of spending your hard-earned money on petrol, then you can plan on getting an EV conversion kit. The Thane-based startup GoGoA1 has officially launched an RTO-approved full electric conversion kit for the Hero Splendor. The kit includes a 2,000W brushless hub motor that delivers up to 63nm of torque. It also comes with all the necessary hardware such as a throttle, a battery controller, and a battery that can provide up to 150km of range.

Now, coming to the cost of the kit, it’s still going to cost you some money. The kit starts at Rs 35,000, but the entire kit with the battery and the charger will cost you around Rs 90,000, with GST extra. Remember, this is RTO-approved, so you won’t have to spend any extra money to make your bike road-legal. The cost is high, but it is a one-time investment and you can save a lot of money since electricity is super cheap, especially when you look at the ever-increasing prices of petrol. GoGoA1 is also providing a 3-year warranty on the kit. 

While there are electric scooters available in the market, their cost is high, and it’ll take several years for the price to come down. Electric vehicles are gaining momentum in the country though, and are certainly the future.