Hogwarts Legacy gets first major update, PS5 update delayed

Avalanche has rolled out first patch for Hogwarts Legacy that focuses on bugs fixes and performance improvements.

  • Developer Avalanche Games has rolled out the first major update for Hogwarts Legacy on PC and Xbox Series X|S.
  • The PS5 patch of Hogwarts Legacy will launch later this week.
  • Avalanche has released full patch notes for the new Hogwarts Legacy update.

Developer Avalanche Games has rolled out the first major update for the recently launched Hogwarts Legacy. The patch has been launched for PC and Xbox Series X|S, with a PS5 update coming soon. The new Hogwarts Legacy update focuses on bugs fixes, performance improvements, fixes for save files, and more. The developer has released the full patch notes for the new update, detailing all the fixes for Hogwarts Legacy. The PS5 version update was supposed to release alongside PC and Xbox Series X|S versions, but it was delayed due to some unforeseen issues. That said, the PS5 patch will fix the Collector’s Edition Trophy issue in the game.

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The official Hogwarts Legacy patch notes states, “This patch addresses overall gameplay performance and stability as well as online connection improvements.” While speaking about the PS5 patch, Avalanche said, “PS5 players, due to some unforeseen issues, we’re targeting later this week to get your patch to you.” Avalanche’s community manager Chandler Wood added that the PS5 patch “includes the fix for the “Collector’s Edition” Trophy. We’re targeting later this week.” The new Hogwarts Legacy patch includes fixes for Wizarding World portal, Owl Mail, NPCs, world events, characters, UI, cinematics, save game, performance and stability, and more. The update will significantly improve gameplay experience. The patch also has platform specific fixes for PC and Xbox Series X|S, which would also be rolled out for PS5 later this week.

Hogwarts Legacy had a great launch on all platforms, with positive response from players as well as critics. The game has been the biggest ever in the Harry Potter universe with wizarding school, magical spells, several dangerous creatures, great combat, and many secrets to uncover. Hogwarts Legacy is one of the biggest and best new games you can play right now.