Honda Benly electric scooter spied testing on public roads again; launch seems imminent

The Honda Benly electric scooter will cater to fleet operators and delivery service providers.

  • Honda Benly e-scooter spied testing again on public roads.
  • The Benly e-scooters were registered at Bangalore RTO by Honda Motorcycle and Scooter.
  • The Benly e, when launched, will cater to last-mile service providers.

Honda’s Benly electric scooter has been spied testing yet again on Indian roads. The vehicle under question has also been found registered in South Bangalore RTO with ownership attached to Honda Motorcycle and Scooter. The e-scooter will be the company’s electric mobility solution for last-mile delivery services and is likely to cater to a business-oriented market. The Honda Benly, if and when launched in India, will also mark the entry of the Japanese automaker into India’s booming EV two-wheeler segment. 

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Honda Benly spied testing again in Bangalore

Honda has been working on the Honda Benly electric scooter for some time now, and the vehicle has been found to undergo various stages of testing. This time around the Honda Benly has been spied testing on public roads wearing a green registration plate. The details linked to the number plates disclose that the e-scooter has been registered by ‘Honda Motorcycle and Scooter’. The Honda Benly test vehicles have been found to be registered with South Bangalore RTO.

The scooter has been developed keeping the fleet operator and delivery service providers in mind. The Honda Benly gets practical design elements and gets various carriers and attachments to improve load-carrying capacity. The e-scooter measures 1,840mm, 780mm, and 1,050mm in length, width, and height, respectively. The Benly will come in four variants – Benly e I, Benly e I Pro, Benly e II, and Benly e II Pro, which have been launched globally.

Honda Benly electric scooter specifications

The Benly e I and I Pro get a 2.8 kW (3.8 bhp) electric motor with a rated torque output of 13 Nm. The Benly e II and II Pro get a 4.2 kW (5.7 bhp) electric motor that generates 15 Nm of peak torque. Both setups draw power from two 48V, 20.8 Ah lithium-ion batteries. Honda calls these battery packs, Honda Power Pack, and swappable battery units.

The Benly e I and I Pro get about 87km of range at 30kmph in the plains while the Benly e II and II Pro get 43km of range at 60kmph. The Benly e II and II Pro get however have more load-carrying capacity thanks to their beefier motor. 

There is no word Honda Benly India launch yet, but the company has confirmed to launch an e-scooter in India next year.