Honor 7: tips and tricks

“Here’s how to make the full use of the capabilities of Honor’s newest offering”

Honor’s latest flagship, the 7 (review | FAQs) is a compelling proposition in the mid range. What makes it different from the competition are its hardware and software features. So, if you have purchased or have zeroed in on it as your next phone, then here are a few things which you should know to exploit its potential to the fullest.


Smart Key: one button, several features

The Smart Key is an ingenious addition to the Honor 7. The dedicated button, available on the left spine, allows you to initiate various functions on the basis of different actions. The key can detect three types of action – single-press, double-press and long-press. Against each of them, you can configure the device to do things like taking a screenshot, accessing Google Now or opening any app.

Honor 7 screenshot (99) Honor 7 screenshot (101) Honor 7 screenshot (100)

To access these options, head to Settings > Smart Key.

Fingerprint scanner: more than just an unlocking mechanism

Fingerprint sensors have now started becoming a common sight on most smartphones. However, Honor has made it much more useful than just another method of unlocking the device. In the Honor 7, the fingerprint scanner acts as touchpad that can recognise your touch and sliding gestures. This lets you long-press it to jump to the homescreen, or slide downwards to bring the notification panel down, or slide upwards to access recently-opened apps, among many other options.

Honor 7 screenshot (14) Honor 7 screenshot (103)

To enable these features, you need to access Settings > Fingerprint ID.

Gestures: do things even when the screen is locked

With gestures, you can double-tap to wake the Honor 7 or open apps of your choice, even when the screen is locked. The device supports tracing of four characters – c, e, m and w.

Honor 7 screenshot (105) Honor 7 screenshot (106)

The option is available under Motion Control in the settings Menu.

One-hand mode

While the Honor 7 has an optimum size for one-handed usage, there are times when you want the screen to be smaller for operating it easily. Well, worry not, as the Honor 7 features a one-hand mode as well that shrinks the usable area of the screen.

Honor 7 screenshot (107)

For this, all you need to do is to swipe from the left or right on the navigation bar, once you have enabled this option by going to One-hand layout in One-hand UI, available in the settings menu.

Your voice is its command

Want to call someone? Well, you don’t need to unlock the phone and then hit the contacts menu for that. You simply need to say “Dear Honor” and the Honor 7 will instantly come to life. Apart with calling anyone, you can also locate your phone in case you aren’t able to find it.

Honor 7 screenshot (102)

These feature is available as Voice wakeup in the settings menu.

Better connectivity

The Honor 7 comes with options to enable better call quality and internet speeds with its Link+ technology.

Honor 7 screenshot (18) Honor 7 screenshot (19)

Simply enable the option by going to Link+, available in the Wireless & Networks.

Simple is the new smart

If the user interface of the Honor 7 seems too packed with features, then you can also enable the Simple Mode, which presents a selected number of apps in a tile-sized format. This is quite useful for senior citizens and newbies.

Honor 7 screenshot (98)

To get the Simple Mode, you simply need to access the Home screen style in the Device settings.

Enhance the battery life

The Honor 7 has a 3,100mAh battery which should easily last a day of usage, but in case you want to extend it, then the device has quite a few options up its sleeve. You can enable the smart mode, or go to the extreme with the ultra mode. Not just that, you can also check which apps or games are causing excessive battery drain, and close them.

Honor 7 screenshot (108) Honor 7 screenshot (104) Honor 7 screenshot (46)

To access these options, you need to go to Settings > Power saving.

The Honor 7 has many more features, but these are the most useful. Which one is your most favourite option?

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