“Will the Honor 8 Pro be able to take on the mighty OnePlus 5? Here are our first impressions”

Now that all the hype around the OnePlus 5 (review) is finally settling – despite the brand’s tagline “Never Settle” – it is time to move on to the next new smartphone on the block, the Honor 8 Pro. This new Honor phone directly competes with the OnePlus 5 and therefore makes it an interesting proposition for people looking to buy a phone in the Rs 30k price range. Let it be known that the price or the launch date of the phone haven’t been revealed yet. However, it should be priced around the Rs 30-35k range. 

Honor 8 Pro FI 007

I got a chance to check out the Honor 8 Pro, recently, and here are my first impressions of the phone. A full review is in the pipeline as you read this.  

First things first, the Honor 8 Pro is a behemoth despite the slim bezels. The massive 5.7-inch display means it has a much wider frame, especially since it doesn’t use a wider aspect ratio like the displays on the Samsung Galaxy S8+ (review) or the LG G6 (review). I found holding and using the Honor 8 Pro a bit of a struggle and to aggravate matters the phone is also pretty slippery. However, I must say that it is pretty slim and looks rather attractive too. Just like the OnePlus 5, we must say that the Honor 8 Pro also looks a little like the iPhone 7 Plus with its antenna bands running on the top and the bottom and the dual camera setup on the top left corner on the rear. The only difference is the supremely responsive fingerprint scanner is placed on the rear. 

Honor 8 Pro FI 004

The 5.7-inch IPS LCD screen outputs at a QHD (1,440 x 2,560 pixels) resolution, which gives it a slight edge over the OnePlus 5’s display. It is adequately crisp and bright, and offers a decent sunlight legibility under direct sunlight too. However, some more time with the device can help us tell you with some conviction if the display is actually better than other phones in the same price range.  

The phone itself feels pretty snappy out of the box. Obviously, I need to set up all my apps to find out if the HiSilicon Kirin 960 SoC coupled with 6 gigs of RAM can hold up. But for what it is worth,  the phone should have more than enough grunt for daily usage and some more. The phone’s 4,000mAh battery should last a day at least. 

Honor 8 Pro FI 002

The highlight of the phone is definitely the dual cameras on the rear but this one doesn’t come with Leica branding, which I guess is reserved for parent company’s smartphones under the Huawei brand. In any case, you get a pair of 12MP sensors, with phase detection and laser detection autofocus. There’s also a front 8MP camera. While I couldn’t test the camera performance in detail, I noticed that the images looked decent on the display of the phone. Moreover, the phone shoots fairly fast as well. So, thats an advantage. While you do get a ton of modes, shooting in monochrome is still a superb treat. Also, there is a special mode where you can push the aperture all the way up to f/0.95 for an enhanced depth-of-field. But note this is possible due to software and not hardware, so don’t expect a clean cutout of the subject. If my past experience with Huawei and Honor devices is any indication then the Honor 8 Pro shouldn’t disappoint in the camera department. 

Overall, the Honor 8 Pro is definitely a big upgrade over the original Honor 8… but now that the OnePlus 5 is here, it is going to be take a lot for Huawei to defend its Honor.