Honor officially forays into consumer electronics with Smart Screen TV

Honor Smart Screen TV

“Honor says its Smart Screen is not just any other smart TV; instead, it will be the future of television with the innovation of its own”

After numerous rumours and speculations, Huawei’s sub-brand Honor has officially announced the ‘Honor Smart Screen’ television at an event in China earlier today, marking its entry into the consumer electronics. Since tablets and smartphones are slowly replacing televisions, the company wants its TVs to be the centre for entertainment. The Chinese brand’s president Zhao Ming claims the Honor Smart Screen is not just any other smart TV; instead, it will be the future of televisions with the innovation of its own. It’s said to act as the centre for audio and video entertainment and will also be a combination of smart TV and internet TV. Honor has also included an image processor and fast switching capabilities for better viewing experience.

Honor Smart Screen TV
Since tablets and smartphones are slowly replacing televisions for entertainment, the company wants its TV to be the centre for entertainment

Furthermore, the TV looks to be tightly integrated with other smart household devices, thereby making it a centre for control management and multi-device interaction. Honor Smart Screen TV might come with interactive capabilities, information processing, and direct communication features as well. The company has partnered with China’s JD.com for its TVs. Zhao Ming towards the end of the conference confirmed the Honor TV would hit the market in August. This means an announcement alongside the Honor 9X on July 23rd seems very likely at this point. Unfortunately, nothing else has been revealed about the Honor Smart Screen at the moment.

Separately, recent trademark applications suggest that Honor is also working on the ‘Vision Smart TV’ and might be positioned in the affordable segment. On the other hand, Huawei TVs might focus on the more premium market with up to 8K resolution, 5G chip integration for Internet content, and more.

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