Honor TV to be re-announced at the Huawei Developer Conference

“The developer conference is a three-day affair during which we expect an announcement”

The Honor TV or Smart Screen was announced on July 15th in China, but it wasn’t the entire reveal of the product, as we were expecting. In fact, Honor didn’t show off the product at all. Now, Huawei has announced that the full official debut of the Honor TV will take place at the Huawei Developer Conference, kicking off in Dongguan city, China on August 9th via its official channels. The conference will be continuing for three days and end on August 11th, before which we expect an official full announcement.


Honor’s president Zhao Ming previously spoke about the brand’s vision for the new category and how the brand wants the TV to be not just a traditional entertainment screen but a smart hub for all connected devices. The TV will be a combination of smart TV and internet TV Also, Honor’s offering is expected to be more pocket-friendly than Huawei’s TVs that are also expected to debut later this year. The TV would also integrate an image processor and fast switching capabilities for a better multimedia experience. Honor has recently trademarked several monikers such as Honor Vision Honor Smart Screen and others, which could be the brand name for the new series.

For now, it is unclear whether we will get a sneak peek at Huawei’s premium TVs at the developer conference but we’re optimistic about the chances. The Huawei TV is said to feature resolution up to stunning 8K as well as 5G capabilities, making it likely a very high-end product. The conference will also witness the announcement of EMUI 10.0 and the long-rumoured HongMeng OS.