Xiaomi reveals 5 ways to identify fake Mi India products

Xiaomi recently announced that fake Mi India products worth Rs 33 lakh were seized. Here's how you can spot fake Xiaomi products in India.

  • Fake Xiaomi products worth Rs 33.3 lakhs were recently seized
  • It included mobile cases, headphones, power banks, chargers, and earphones
  • Xiaomi reveals a few ways to spot a fake Mi India product

Counterfeit Xiaomi products worth Rs 33 lakh were recently seized from four suppliers in Chennai and three in Bengaluru. Over 3,000 fake Xiaomi products consisting of mobile back cases, headphones, power banks, chargers, and earphones, were found. It is said that suppliers have been managing this business for a long time and have sold multiple unauthorised and counterfeit products in the market. While the sellers allegedly engaged in the activity have been arrested, it does not mean that there aren’t any fake Mi India products still out there. In light of the recent discovery, Xiaomi has detailed a few ways through which customers can identify fake Xiaomi products.

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How to identify counterfeit Xiaomi products

Security codes

Xiaomi products such as power banks and audio accessories come with security codes that can help you verify its authenticity. The company advises customers to run the product’s security code on its website Mi.com to see whether it is genuine or not.


Packaging and retail boxes can also tell you whether the product is genuine or not. Fake products often have flimsy packaging, and the retail box won’t be the same as the original. Xiaomi says customers can always go to a Mi Home or Mi Store to check the original packaging if they doubt the authenticity of the product.

Mi India logo

Pay special attention to the logo! Genuine Xiaomi products will have the Mi India logo. Users can visit the company’s website to check the original logo.


Counterfeit Xiaomi products will have compatibility issues. Xiaomi claims that fake Mi Bands will give you trouble pairing it with Mi Fit app.


Last but not the least, quality. Per Xiaomi, if products such as cables are flimsy and break easily, they are fake.

These are some points to keep in mind before buying a Xiaomi product next time. In addition to this, the company also advises customers to purchase products from authorised stores of the brand and partner outlets, Mi.com, and get their device serviced through authorised service centres only. Xiaomi India had also created a special task force responsible for constantly monitoring the market and acting against unauthorised entities and counterfeiters.