How to use WhatsApp on two mobile phones with same number

Here's a detailed guide on how to use the same WhatsApp account on two or more devices at the same time

WhatApp’s new companion mode allows users to chat on two or more devices with the same number simultaneously. It is different from the Linked Devices feature, which only enables the use of the messaging platform on PCs, laptops, tablets, or selected smart displays. With the Companion Mode, users can now link their WhatsApp accounts to secondary smartphones without logging out from the primary smartphone.

In case you’re wondering how to enable Companion mode to use WhatsApp on two devices with the same number, you’ve come to the right place. Here’s a quick look at how to link the same WhatsApp account on different devices and unlink them later.

How to link same WhatsApp account on two mobile phones

The companion mode is only available on WhatsApp for Android right now. This means while you cannot use iPhone as a secondary device. On that not,Here’s how to link your primary phone to other smartphones in a step-by-step manner.

Setting up Companion mode

  • Download and install WhatsApp from Play Store, if you haven’t
  • Select the preferred language and hit ‘Accept and Continue’ on the next screen
    Use same WhatsApp on two phones
  • Now, you’ll be prompted to enter your mobile phone number, ignore that. On this particular screen, tap the ‘3-dot’ icon at the top and select ‘Link to existing account’. If you are not getting the option, update the app to the latest version.
    Use same WhatsApp on two phones
  • A QR code will appear which has to be scanned using your primary phone
  • Grab your primary phone and open WhatsApp
  • If it’s an Android, tap the ‘3-dot’ menu from the top right corner and tap ‘Linked devices’. For iPhones, open ‘Settings’ from the bottom navigation bar and select ‘Linked Devices’
    Use same WhatsApp on two phones
    Linking a secondary device using Android
    Use same WhatsApp on two phones
    Linking a secondary device using iPhone
  • Once you’re in the said section, hit the ‘Link a device’ button
  • The camera interface will open up. Now all you need to do is scan the QR code appearing on the secondary phone from your main phone
  • Once the scan is successful, all your chats will be made available on the secondary device
  • After linking both devices, you’ll be able to use WhatsApp on the secondary phone even if the primary device has no internet connection

How to remove WhatsApp account from linked phones

Unliking your WhatsApp account from secondary devices is fairly simple and straightforward.

Using secondary phone to unlink

  • Open WhatsApp on the linked phone and go to ‘Settings’
  • Next, select ‘Account’
    How to unlink WhatsApp from secondary phone
  • On the next screen, tap the ‘Log out’ option
    How to unlink WhatsApp from secondary phone
  • Once again press ‘Log out’ from the pop-up window
  • The device will unlink from your main phone and will take you back to the setup screen

Using primary phone to unlink

If you don’t have access to the secondary phone, you can use your primary phone as well to log out of the connected devices. Here’s how

  • Open WhatsApp on your main phone and tap the ‘3-dot’ icon at the top
  • Now select ‘Linked devices’
  • From here, select the linked device you wish to disconnect from your WhatsApp account
  • Tap the ‘Log out’ button in the next prompt and the device’s access will be revoked

It’s also worth noting that your WhatsApp account will be automatically logged out from the secondary phone aka companion phone if it remains inactive for more than 14 days.


1. Can I use the same WhatsApp account on more than two phones?

Yes, the Companion mode allows linking up to four devices simultaneously with the primary WhatsApp account.

2. Are the received media files automatically downloaded on secondary phone?

Media files are automatically downloaded on the secondary phone if the user has turned on automatic media download on the primary device. Simply put, all the settings and changes done on the main phone are carried forward to other devices after linking them with the same WhatsApp account.

3. Is the chat history visible on all linked phones?

All the previous chats are instantly transferred over to the linked phones when using Companion mode. However, messages that are several months old may not be visible and the device will prompt you to check your primary phone to go through those messages. This is somewhat similar to WhatsApp Web which shows the sent and received chats from recent months.

4. Can you use all the WhatsApp features on the secondary phone?

No, certain features such as making UPI payments, adding statuses, and sharing live locations will not available on the secondary phone. You will have to resort to your main device for using these features.

5. Which devices can I connect to my WhatsApp account?

With WhatsApp’s Companion mode, you can link Android mobile phones, iPhones, iPads, Macs, and Windows PCs with a single device.