Huawei 55-inch TV gets certified by 3C in China

“This is the first Huawei TV that we’ve seen on the certification portal”

Huawei is mostly known for its networking equipment and smartphones worldwide. The Shenzhen-based tech giant has been in the spotlight recently as the Donald Trump administration restricted US corporations from doing business with the Chinese company amidst the ongoing China-US trade war. But Huawei has been looking to jump into the TV segment for some time. It was reported in early May that the company is developing its first 8K resolution TV with 5G connectivity that will be, in fact, its first TV ever. Now, two Huawei TV models have passed CCC (3C) certification.


On May 29th, a 55-inch LCD TV passed the certification portal with model number OSCA-550, with Huawei listed as the applicant’s name. The screen supplier seems to be BOE as the listing shows Hefei BOE Vision Electronic Technology LTD as the factory name. This is in line with previous reports that Huawei’s first supplier for 55-inch TV screens will be BOE and the 65-inch screen supplier is Huaxing Optoelectronics. Besides that, not a lot can be extracted from the listing as it usually doesn’t contain much specification material.

It is being reported that Huawei will debut its TV line before the end of 2019. The smartphone maker reportedly aims to sell around 10 million units a year and its TVs will be equipped with features such as dual cameras, games, and social media integration. Richard Yu, CEO of Huawei Business Group, has previously said that Huawei doesn’t intend to manufacture traditional TVs. However, the company is looking into big screen appliances with more utility such as AI. Currently, there are no official launch dates for the product but we expect to get more detailed reports soon.