Huawei’s Android replacement Ark OS alleged screenshots revealed in patent filing

“Huawei’s Ark OS might support Android apps but won’t have Google Play store or Google suite apps”

Post the export blacklist and every US company breaking their ties off, Huawei is in a rough spot. Anticipating the move ahead of time, Huawei confirmed to be working on Android replacement OS for its future handsets. According to reports, the OS could make its way sometime down the year. The company even filed patents under Huawei Ark OS, Ark, and Huawei Ark names at the German Patent and Trademark Office (DPMA) for a smartphone interface back in March. The patent application also includes a series of screenshots. However, it isn’t immediately clear if the screenshots belong to Huawei’s upcoming OS with Android support or a version of its Android-based EMUI skin.

Furthermore, Huawei’s Ark OS might support Android apps but won’t have the Google Play store or Google suite apps. The “Android Green Alliance Standard” from the screenshot referred to the group consisting of Huawei and other Chinese giants such as Tencent and Alibaba and was created to develop standards for apps. Since the patent was filed back in March, the company might have polished the UI and refined it further. We should know more details as we move forward.

To recall, Huawei was blacklisted by the US government, which lead US-based companies cutting their ties off with the brand. Essential hardware and software suppliers, including Google Android service, Qualcomm, ARM, Micron, Microsoft have called off their support, leaving Huawei in the dark. The company has been granted a 90 days reprieve period, lasting till August 19th, to make the transition. Despite the hardships, Huawei claims that global production levels are normal, and there were no notable adjustments in either direction.