No, Nokia X60 series will not be running Huawei’s HarmonyOS

Huawei has confirmed that the Nokia X60 series of smartphones will not run HarmonyOS.

  • Huawei has confirmed that the upcoming Nokia X60 series of smartphones will not run HarmonyOS.
  • The Nokia X60 and Nokia X60 Pro are said to be two high-end smartphones that will reportedly feature a 120Hz screen and a 200MP camera sensor. 
  • There is no word about the official Nokia X60 release date just yet. 

A rumour from a few days ago purported that the upcoming Nokia X60 would run Huawei’s HarmonyOS out of the box. It has been quickly debunked by Global Times, a news outlet affiliated with the Chinese state. As of now, Huawei has no plans to licence out HarmonyOS to other OEMs, and it doesn’t look like it is going to change anytime soon. Furthermore, HarmonyOS on the Nokia X60 would stick out like a sore thumb, given that most Nokia smartphones run stock Android. Even if such integration were to ever happen, only devices sold in China would be affected, as it is unlikely that a global audience would pick HarmonyOS over stock Android. 

Nokia X60 specifications

A sketchy report suggested that the Nokia X60 and Nokia X60 Pro would be Nokia’s upcoming top-of-the-line flagship devices. One of them, presumably the Pro variant, was expected to pack a 200MP camera, likely the same one that is expected to debut on the Mi 12 series, and a 120Hz screen, among other things. Given the 200MP camera resolution, we can reasonably assume that the Nokia X60 variant will run Qualcomm’s upcoming Snapdragon 895 chipset. 

We don’t know a lot more about the Nokia X60 series, or even if it exists, at this point. Nokia’s X series of smartphones are yet to progress the X20, and looking at the way things are going, it could be months, if not weeks before a new smartphone is launched. Nonetheless, it’ll be good to see Nokia re-entering the flagship smartphone market again, even if it involves waiting a few months.