Huawei foldable phone patent shows unique solution to hide camera bump and reduce thickness of device

  • Huawei has filed a patent for yet another foldable phone design.
  • The phone has a camera impress on one side to house the camera module when the device is folded.
  • The patent could a solution for the Huawei Mate Xs successor.

Huawei seems to be readying yet another foldable phone as a new patent application was published at the World Intellectual Property Organisation (WIPO), as discovered by 91mobiles. The phone has an outward fold design with a noticeable crease right in the middle where it folds. It has a protruding rectangular module on the back with four camera sensors. However, what’s interesting is that it brings a solution to reduce the thickness of the device when folded. As per the images, the phone has a cutout on the right side so the protruding camera module on the left side and sits inside it when folded, thereby reducing the thickness of the device when folded.

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Usually, folding phones wobble when placed on a flat surface. This design offers a solution to the problem by having a special cutout just to place the camera module. This is a very practical solution but needs to be seen how deep can it go and whether this would affect the durability of the display in any way. While reducing the thickness of the phone, it also protects the camera lenses when dropped. Outside of the camera cutout, the Huawei foldable phone has a typical design with a hinge on the middle and a large display on the front, probably with a noticeable crease.

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While it’s not certain, there are chances that this could be a potential design of the Huawei Mate Xs successor considering the original Mate Xs has a large camera bump. Either way, since it’s still in the patent stage it isn’t clear whether Huawei would bring such a design for a commercial product but it is interesting to know that Huawei has unique designs at hand.