Huawei global smartphone shipments grow despite US ban in Q3 2019, Xiaomi loses market share: Counterpoint

“The Counterpoint report reveals that this is the first quarter that has not seen a year-on-year decline in shipments, buoyed by pre-holiday season”

Counterpoint Research has published smartphone shipment figures for the global market, revealing 380 million units were shipped during Q3 2019 (July-September). The numbers have remained flat over the past year, increasing only by 200,000 units from Q3 2018. More importantly, the figures for the latest quarter finally put the brakes on steadily declining consecutive quarterly numbers, which finally appear to have seen some sort of revival thanks to the pre-holiday season purchase of gadgets in September. Among major contributors, China and India remained the unsurprising factors behind global smartphone shipments seeing some growth in the past quarter.

Among the top 10 smartphone OEMs in the world by market share of shipments, only Realme is the new entrant for the quarter, entering the list in 7th place and accounting for 2.7 percent of the overall shipments. The rankings, apart from this, have remained consistent with a year ago. Samsung has noted a growth of 6.1 million units compared to last year, with Counterpoint stating strong performance from the Galaxy A and Galaxy Note lineups being key reasons behind this. Compared to the 19 percent market share last year, Samsung held 20.6 percent of the global smartphone shipments in Q3 2019.

Despite ongoing trade tensions and a near iron-out by Google, Huawei still registered 14.8 million more devices shipped in comparison with Q3 2018. This has led to its market share increasing up to 17.6 percent, further extending it away from Apple. The latter still remains in third position, with Counterpoint suggesting a decline of 2.1 million units in shipment for the company. This has translated to Apple’s market share declining to 11.8 percent in this quarter. Interestingly, Apple held its earnings call yesterday, where CEO Tim Cook noted strong iPhone 11 sales to beat analyst expectations for the previous quarter, and issue bullish guidance for the present one. With the iPhone performing strong and Huawei still in challenging conditions, it will be interesting to see how the next quarter turns out for the two technology giants.

Among other brands, OPPO, Xiaomi, and Vivo have all registered gradual but marginal declines, with their respective market shares hitting 8.6 percent, 8.3 percent, and 7.8 percent, respectively. Realme, which had shipped 1.3 million devices globally in the previous year, shipped 10.2 million units in Q3 this year — a 7.9x increase that saw its market share catapult to 2.7 percent for the quarter. The other three players that bring up the rear are Motorola, LG, and Tecno, which hold 2.6 percent, 2 percent, and 1.3 percent of the market’s shipments for the quarter, respectively. With the festive season continuing through the end of the year, it will be interesting to see how the shipment figures alter, in the next quarterly shipment report that is due in February 2020.