iFixit’s teardown grades Apple iPhone XR with a repairability score of six

“iFixit teardown of iPhone XR reveals a modular SIM card slot, regular rectangular shaped battery and logic board, easily accessible LCD display and copper wireless charging”

iFixit is a go-to source when it comes to teardowns and repair guides. The site’s Apple iPhone XR teardown has revealed quiet a bit about Apple’s latest take at an affordable iPhone. Apparently, the internals on the iPhone XR is a mishmash between the ones on the iPhone 8 and the iPhone X. In the end, the iPhone XR scores a decent 6 when it comes to repairability score.

Opening the iPhone XR is pretty straightforward and one can take help of iFixit to get around the pentalobe screws. The biggest surprise is the modular SIM slot tray. According to iFixit, this will allow for easier and less expensive swap when the SIM card reader is dead. Generally, if the SIM card reader is dead the entire logic board is replaced.

Another important design aspect is the shift back to a rectangular battery. Recently, Apple is opting for an L-shaped battery that is glued to the logic board. However, on the iPhone XR, the battery is rectangular in shape and sits flush with the rectangular shaped logic board. The Touch ID is replaced by a traditional Haptic feedback module and the single-lens 12-megapixel unit at the rear is shared with the iPhone XS.

As expected the LED panel is thicker and heavier as opposed to the OLED counterpart. iFixit also mentions that Apple has offset the Lightning Connector to accommodate the larger display. Furthermore, the teardown also reveals that the TrueDepth camera unit on the iPhone XR is similar to the one on the iPhone XS and XS Max.

The copper wireless charging coil should facilitate fast charging as it offers lower resistance with less heat generation. In a nutshell, the iPhone XR display is accessible and relatively easy to repair. However, the waterproofing feature (IP67) is likely to complicate the repairs. Lastly, the broken glass at the back will require a chassis replacement.

In related news, JerryRigEverything has subjected the iPhone XR to his tortuous tests. Jerry’s YouTube channel is well know for testing the durability of new smartphones and this usually means destroying the device! The Apple iPhone XR starts showing signs of scratches when subjected to an object that ranks at 6 on the Moh’s scale.

Additionally, the Sapphire lens on the rear seems to succumb to scratches at level 6. Usually, the Sapphire Glasses show scratches at level 8. The iPhone XR fared well in the flame test. Initially, the display did go black but the color slowly returned to the normal after the flame was withdrawn. The device also aced the bending test, thanks to the Series 7000 aluminum frame. On a separate note the Sapphire lens did not break even after the iPhone XR was dropped from a ladder, however, the glass back was not so fortunate and suffered severe damage.
Apple iPhone XR Specifications
Hexa Core (2.49 GHz, Dual Core + 1.52 GHz, Quad core)
Apple A12 Bionic
6.1 inches (15.49 cm)
828x1792 px, 324 PPI
12 MP Primary Camera
Quad LED True Tone Flash
7 MP Front Camera
2942 mAh
Fast Charging
Apple iPhone XR Price View All
Rs. 44,500.00
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Rs. 44,999.00
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Rs. 47,148.00
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