India’s 21-day coronavirus lockdown: Big Bazaar and other grocery stores still taking online orders

“As we face a 21-day pan-India coronavirus lockdown, here are grocery stores, such as Big Bazaar, that are taking orders online to help you meet essential needs”

Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced on Tuesday that there will be a 21-day nationwide quarantine period starting March 25th midnight to stop the spread of coronavirus. As most of us did not see such a long coronavirus lockdown coming, we did not stock up on the required resources. Now, you might be wondering how you would be able to get through this coronavirus lockdown period without stepping out of the house to get essential goods and items. Thankfully, there are some stores that are still taking online orders as these are exempted from the pan-India coronavirus quarantine as an essential service. As most of our audience is tech-friendly anyway, we decided to compile a list of grocery stores that are still taking online orders amid this coronavirus lockdown. Hopefully, this list will help you get your necessities as soon as possible. Without wasting any time, here we go.

Grocery stores taking online orders during India’s 21-day coronavirus lockdown

1. Big Bazaar

Starting with probably the biggest name on the list, Big Bazaar is currently taking orders via WhatsApp and if you want to place the order, you can either call or send a text message on WhatsApp to the number allocated to your area. We are sharing the brand’s Twitter link here so that you can access all the phone numbers that are accessible for this service for respective areas. The list is continually growing so you may need to scroll a little, but just for reference, the first tweet about online orders was on March 17th for the city of Bengaluru.

2. Easyday Club

For those of you who are unaware, Easyday Club is a food and grocery store that is driven by local communities and serves a modern, personal and Indian shopping experience to its members, in its own words. The brand is currently taking online orders and again, you will have to check from the website whether your locality is eligible for service or not.


While the website says that the home delivery option has been temporarily discontinued, you can still choose to book your grocery online and pick up from the nearby store when needed. Although this is one of the inconvenient options on the list, you can choose to go for it if needed.

4. Patanjali

Patanjali online store is taking orders amid the 21-day coronavirus lockdown, however, we must inform you that the service is not available for all pin codes as of now. In order to check whether your locality is eligible for delivery, you will have to check on the website. You will be greeted with the quarantine message from the company as soon as you visit the website and in case your area is not eligible for service, you will not be able to place the order.

As we get more updates from the government or other brands, we will keep on updating this list and keep you informed. For the time being, we will advise our readers to stay at home unless you are facing an emergency as a lot of lives, including that of your relatives, friends, and your own depend on your actions right now.