India’s first solar electric car can run upto 3,000 km in a year for free!

The 150W panels help the Vavye Eva solar electric car generate about 10 to 12km of range daily and could contribute to about 3,000km of driving solely from a renewable source of energy.

  • Pune-based EV startup has announced India’s first solar electric car called the Vayve Eva
  • The EV gets 150W solar panels that can add 10 to 12km of range daily
  • The Eva gets a 250km range, 70kmph top speed, Android Auto-Apple CarPlay support, driver airbag and air-conditioning

Vayve Mobility, a Pune-based EV startup, has announced its plans to introduce India’s first solar electric car, the Eva, in 2024 with deliveries commencing mid next year. The Vayve Eva is a modern take on a city commuter and seats two adults and one child. The Eva features a bunch of solar panels on the roof rated at 150W and can add 10-12km of range daily. The EV gets 250km of range on a single charge. 

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India’s first solar electric car adds up to 12km of range every day!

The Vavye Eva solar electric car is India’s first electric vehicle to get solar panels on the roof. The 150W panels help the vehicle generate about 10 to 12km of range daily and could contribute to about 3,000km of driving solely from a free and renewable source of energy. The EV also hosts a 14kWh battery pack that returns a claimed 250km of driving range on a single charge and can be juiced up in four hours at a household wall socket charger. 

Nilesh Bajaj, CEO of Vayve, has claimed that the design has been under process for some time and the company has strived to achieve a vehicle weight of about 550kg and an adequately sized solar panel that serves the purpose of generating renewable energy. The company says that the Indian customer drives 30km a day on average and the solar panels can contribute to about 30 percent of the driving range from just the sun. 

Vayve Eva solar electric car specifications

The Vavye Eva is a micro car that can seat two adults and a child inside its compact footprint. The Eva looks different from traditional cars and has a narrow and tall body with a smaller rear track than the front. The vehicle gets some signature design details in its minimalistic design in the form of a contrasting lower half, aero-cover wheels and LED lightbars at the front and back. The interior too is centre-oriented and focuses much information and controls right on the driver. 

The Eva gets a 6kW electric motor with a max power output of 12kW or 16hp and 40Nm of torque. This is paired with a 14kWh Lithium-ion battery pack via a single-speed transmission. This powertrain helps the micro EV to sprint from zero to 40kmph in 5 seconds and go up to a top speed of 70kmph. The powertrain is assisted by a liquid cooling system and gets an IP68 rating. 

Upfront Eva gets an independent MacPherson strut with coil springs and dual shocks at the rear for its suspension. The vehicle rides on a set of 155 section 13-inch wheels. The EV gets a payload capacity of 250kg and supports 15 degrees of gradability. Other mechanical components include an electric power steering and front disc brakes. The vehicle gets seatbelts, monocoque construction, and driver airbags. Creature comforts include air-conditioning and touchscreen infotainment with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay. 

While the pricing of the vehicle is still unknown, the Vayve Eva will be available in six colour options – Moonstone White, Light Platinum, Rose Coral, Sky Blue, Champagne Gold, and Cherry Red.