India drops to 126th spot in global mobile data speed ranking in June 2019: Ookla

“India dropped from 123rd to 126th in the mobile data ranking and 71st to 74th in fixedline broadband list”

A new report outlining the global mobile and fixed broadband speeds around the world has put India in the 126th and 74th spot, respectively. This report is for the month of June 2019 and India has lost three spots compared to the previous month. During May, the country had ranked 123rd in mobile internet speeds and 71st in fixed broadband speeds. The report comes from Ookla and refers to the Speediest Global Index. 

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In May 2019, the average mobile and fixed broadband download speeds were about 11.02 Mbps and 30.03 Mbps, respectively. In June, these average speeds dropped to 10.87Mbps for mobile internet and 29.06Mbps for fixed broadband. When we compare the current ranks to last year, there is a steep decline in average internet speeds. In July 2018, India had ranked 111st in mobile internet and 56th in fixed broadband.

Average mobile and fixed broadband speeds in India in June 2019. Source - Ookla.
Average mobile and fixed broadband speeds in India in June 2019. Source – Ookla.

Although the number of users having access to internet has increased in India, the average download and upload speeds are still not as good as some of the other developing countries. According to the co-founder and General Manager of Ookla, Doug Suttles, India needs to improve its network infrastructure to fix the poor internet quality.

Suttles said in a statement, “An ever-evolving focus on sophisticated network infrastructure will always be important for fixing network quality in India. India is one of the geographically largest and most populated country in the world, meaning a well laid out network that is able to handle high volumes of usage is a key in supporting the internet needs of the Indian market. Despite these challenges in India (high population, large geography, high density), further advancements in both 4G and 5G network technology will continue to improve network efficiency.”

Currently, South Korea is at the top position when it comes to average mobile internet speeds. The average download speed in South Korea is about 90.06Mbps. For the fastest fixed broadband services, Singapore is the place to be, with a whopping 195.88Mbps of average download speed. Ookla uses the data from the real tests taken by millions of Speedtest users around the world to come up with the Global Index. In India, around 800,000 tests are conducted every day by over 40 million users.