The best gadgets of 2020: announcing the categories and nominees for the Indian Gadget Awards

It's time to reveal all the nominees

One nation, one award. With that being the DNA of the Indian Gadget Awards 2020, 91mobiles is looking to create history along with Geekyranjit, Trakin Tech, and MySmartPrice hosting this one-of-a-kind event. Also on board are 17 of the biggest tech publications and YouTube channels in the country, who will collaborate as event partners, and together with nine jury members, voice their expert views while selecting the winners. Mark our words – this is going to be the biggest, most authoritative gadgets awards event in India, and a true voice of the industry.

It’s time now to finally reveal all the awards categories and the respective nominees. In total, we have 22 awards categories in the jury segment, and two categories for Users’ Choice. So here goes:

User’s Choice

You, dear reader, get a chance to participate in this historic event too. All you need to do is cast your vote in each of the two categories below. At the end of the day, it’s your opinion that matters, even more than the experts, and this is your chance to make it count. Please choose the smartphone you like the best and your favourite smartphone brand by clicking here or on the image above. It will take you to the voting widget, where clicking on the awards category will reveal all the nominees. All you need to do next is choose your favourite one. As a reminder, the two Users’ Choice categories are Most Loved Phone Brand of 2020 and Most Popular Phone of 2020. May the best one win!


Best Budget Phone of 2020


While this category is meant to include smartphones priced south of Rs 20,000, there’s no doubt that each of the devices in this list go above and beyond just prices and specs, and represent great value for money. This year saw affordable phones getting premium features like 120Hz screen refresh rates, superfast charging speeds and whatnot, taking them closer to pricier handsets. The nominees are pictured above. Please click on the image for more details on these awesome smartphones.

Best Mid-range Phone of 2020

The mid-range smartphone segment saw a lot of action in 2020, with features like 5G capabilities and powerful camera chops trickling down to this segment. Without much ado, the smartphones that made it to the list of nominees for the Best Mid-range Phone of the Year are pictured above. For details on why each of these devices made the cut, please click on the image.

Best Affordable Flagship Phone of 2020


All the power, all the camera prowess and all the pizzazz of flagships, without the premium price tag. That, in a nutshell, defines this particular category. The affordable flagship segment has always been an important one, and this year, the category saw many smartphone brands vying for prospective buyers. Here are the contenders for the title.

Best Mid-range Camera Phone of 2020  

Cameras have been great differentiators for smartphones since the beginning, and this year saw them scale even greater heights. This year, the shooting capabilities of phones in the mid-range matches those of flagships, and blurs the difference between price segments. Here are the nominees out of which one will be crowned the Best Mid-range Camera Phone of 2020.

Best Selfie Phone of 2020

Does staying indoors mean people took fewer selfies? No sir. Selfies remain a popular form of self expression and it’d be safe to say that usage of social networking apps to stay connected and post selfies increased substantially. The phones in this category all deliver quality self portraits, so the jury might have a hard time choosing one as the winner.

Best Camera Phone of 2020

Smartphone cameras have been compared with DSLRs since ages, but perhaps year 2020 saw this statement finally coming true. The fact is, smartphone cameras these days can do a lot when it comes to providing the image and video quality, and various ways and means to add creativity to the results. Here are the nominees for this award category. Do click on the image if you want to know why these devices were nominated.

Best Gaming Phone of 2020

Mobile gaming has been gaining popularity over the years, but this year it got a turbo boost, with games like Call of Duty, Among Us etc finding lots of willing gamers. PUBG was hugely popular as it is, and the ban that came in the latter half of the year did little to dampen the gamers’ spirits, and many of them moved to other titles. Heavy games need powerful phones, and the category didn’t disappoint. Here are the nominees, one of which will walk away with the title.

Best Phone of 2020

The highest, most coveted title in the phone segment, these are the devices that tick all the right boxes, delivering on not just the hygiene factors like performance and cameras, but also the brand value and the oomph. As usual, we have all the heavyweights lined up as nominees, with each of them being the torch bearer for the respective brands. Here’s the list.


Best Value-for-money TV of 2020

TVs have been getting smarter by the day, and in 2020, these devices assumed the very serious role of keeping the masses entertained while everyone was trying to stay safe indoors. Plus, the year witnessed the entry of many new brands, and premium features trickling lower down the price range. And since bang for the buck is what most people look for, we have a category for the Best Value-for-money TV of 2020. 

Best TV of 2020

These are the best televisions money can buy, period. The chartbusters that deliver on all aspects – the panel quality and capability, sound, looks and design and top-notch features are all there in the list of nominees for the Best TV of 2020. A click on the image will take you to another article that has all the details of these awesome devices. Again, it seems the jury will have a hard time figuring the best one out.


Best Value-for-money Laptop of 2020

#Workfromhome and #Learnfromhome. Do you relate with either or both of these hashtags that not just became buzzwords this year, they became the way of life for most people. And the laptop moved from being a shared household device to a personal gadget, with each member in the family needing one. The laptops in this particular awards category are devices that ranked high on the VFM quotient, delivering when it mattered the most.

Best Gaming Laptop of 2020

One can’t miss the gaming segment while talking about laptops. These are the devices that brought in the firepower to keep the gaming community happy and firing on all cylinders, so to speak. Including both understated and flamboyant designs but packing a lot of grunt, here are the laptops that made the cut as nominees for the Best Gaming Laptop of 2020.

Best Laptop of 2020

The devices that have been chosen as nominees for the Best Laptop of 2020 are the ones that are high not just on performance, but tick most boxes for a portable computer, price no bar. You’ll find the best ones present as part of the nominees chosen for this award. Click the image to check out how they managed to find their way into this list.


Best Budget Truly Wireless Earbuds of 2020

No wires, great sound and great prices to boot. TWS is a booming segment, pun unintended, and with video calls etc being so popular these days, for obvious reasons, a capable pair of TWS earbuds is a must have. The devices in the list might be priced south of Rs 7,000, but they deliver the goods when you want to be untethered and still handle all your calls, and listen to music in the middle. Here are the nominees.

Best Truly Wireless Earbuds of 2020

Without any budget constraints, premium TWS earbuds can deliver not just great sound and comfort, but also additional frills and features. And the ones chosen as nominees for the crown of the Best Truly Wireless Earbuds of 2020 bring you all of those, and more. Here’s the full list. Be sure to click on the image and check out each model chosen and why it deserves to be nominated.

Best Smartwatch of 2020

Smartwatches have moved on from being just trophy gadgets to devices that offer a lot of convenience and tons of health-related features. They help take care of your health, and pack in lots of smarts by delivering calls and notifications on your wrist. And true smartwatches can even let you install more apps, doubling up as mini smartphones themselves. Here are the nominees.

Best Fitness Tracker of 2020

For many, fitness is a mantra. This year saw fitness buffs managing their workouts indoors, before they could finally venture out for their runs. Many others became more aware about their fitness and physical activity levels too, and what better way to monitor all this but one of these handy wrist-based fitness trackers? These fitness trackers aren’t too pricey mind you, but they can monitor lots of stuff apart from counting the number of steps you take each day. Here are the nominees.

Mobile SoCs

Best Mid-range Mobile SoC of 2020

Apart from being the brains of your smartphone, mobile chipsets enable and impact lots of other features. Capabilities like 5G and support for better cameras came to the mid-range SoC segment this year, apart from more grunt and number-crunching power. These nominees might be categorised as mid-range, but they do pack a wallop. Here’s the list. Remember, there can only be one winner.

Best Flagship Mobile SoC of 2020

The word “flagship” in this category name makes one aspect absolutely clear. Lots and lots of power. That’s one thing these chips pack in abundance, but there’s lots more – advanced AI features, machine learning, computational photography, efficiency in power consumption and more. And here, we have a list of contenders who are all vying for the title of the Best Flagship Mobile SoC of 2020? So which one will win?


Most Innovative Gadget of 2020

Innovation is one thing that keeps us gadget lovers going, and makes us look forward to the future, hoping for breakthroughs that will improve our lives. The nominees for this awards category pack in innovation, sure, but more importantly, they look set to define the way ahead and give us an idea to what we can expect in the months and years to come. Without further ado, here’s the list of the nominees.

Best Gadget of 2020

The name of the award says it all, doesn’t it? The contenders here are assorted and do different things, but they do have one thing in common. They all aim towards improving our lives in their own different ways and are among the best in their respective categories. That said, this awards category will probably be the hardest to judge for our jury members and will need them to put their thinking caps on for much longer than any of the other segments. One of them will walk away with the crown.

Best Brand of 2020

Electronics brands don’t just make and sell gadgets, they touch our lives in many different ways. Through their service, their marketing and social strategies, and via efforts they make to help not just their own users, but potential customers and the society in general too. And this year presented quite a few new challenges to all of these brands. Which one stood out from the rest? Our jury members will be choosing one winner from the list.

The winners will be announced soon. Stay tuned!