Indian Gadget Awards — Best Laptop of 2020: Dell XPS or Apple MacBook?

This notebook won the Best Laptop of 2020 award

Long gone are the days when we would seriously consider purchasing a desktop PC for our main work requirements — unless we do something very specific. This is exactly why the title of the best laptop of 2020 bears massive, massive weight across all fronts. Plus, laptops are so crucial these days for all of us, and zeroing down on one that can offer a zero-compromise experience is important. After much discussion, the headlining jury of the Indian Gadget Awards came to a consensus about which laptop deservedly goes home with the crown of the best laptop of 2020.

The Best Laptop of 2020 is: Apple MacBook Pro M1

The super-popular MacBook Pro finally made the much-rumoured transition to its own chips in 2020, and the move has so far been a resounding success. The M1 processor inside the new MacBook Pro is one that beats some of the most powerful high-performance chipsets, and thankfully, Apple chose to not overhaul the MacBook Pro too much beyond this. As a result, you get the OLED touch bar at the top, the super crisp Retina display leading the pack and Apple’s revised keyboard mechanism — all combining to make the Apple MacBook Pro M1 one of the best laptop experiences that you can have today, no questions asked.

The runner-up for the Best Laptop of 2020 is: Dell XPS 15 9500

The coveted XPS has been at the epicentre of many innovations in the world of laptops. In 2020, Dell regained its footing to maintain the strong performance that the XPS line of laptops have always offered, and combined it with the design and build quality that its premium business laptop lineup has been known for over time. The XPS 15 9500 hence makes for one of the best laptops that you can buy today, in terms of pretty much every aspect. It is a laptop that you’d love to use and is a device that will age very well over time.

The other nominees for the best laptop of 2020 were:

HP Spectre x360

HP has been one of the biggest adopters of the 360-degree hinge design across all price ranges, and its premium Spectre line of laptops have also been benefactors of it. The 2020 HP Spectre x360 is testament to the laptop’s good build quality and swanky design, as well as impressive performance.

Asus ZenBook 14 UX434

This super-compact everyday performance laptop from Asus’ ZenBook lineup brings with it a robust list of innovation and technologies. One of its key takeaways is the smartphone-like touch interface that Asus has baked into the laptop’s trackpad.

Microsoft Surface Pro X

Microsoft has heralded the Surface Pro line of convertibles as the best experience of Windows that you can buy, and the Surface Pro X continues this trend with great build quality and pleasant aesthetics. Despite being a convertible, there’s no qualm regarding the overall performance that this beast can offer.

For your reference, here is the full list of winners of Indian Gadget Awards 2020.