Indian Gadget Awards – Best Smartwatch of 2020 nominees: Apple Watch Series 6 vs OPPO Watch vs others

These are the contenders for the best smartwatch of 2020 at the Indian Gadget Awards

It seems we can’t get enough screens in front of our eyes, even going as far as slapping them on our wrists! Smartwatches have been a popular category among gadget lovers in India, a trend that continues in 2020. Everyone from Apple to Samsung has been trying their hands at offering the customer a smartwatch they would never want to take off. In this article, we take a look at the smartwatches that made the cut for the best smartwatch award category of the Indian Gadget Awards, and explain what makes these devices so special. Let’s find out who the nominees for this category are!

Apple Watch Series 6

Apple Watch Series 6 is the latest premium smartwatch from Apple, and also its most powerful yet. Available in GPS and GPS+ Cellular options, the Series 6 offers a plethora of premium features, including ECG tracking, blood oxygen levels, multi-workout tracking, and Always-On display for phone notifications. It also comes with swim-proof capabilities so you don’t have to worry about taking off the smartwatch between your laps. The upcoming Apple Fitness+ service will only add to the many health- and fitness-centric capabilities of the smartwatch. This is by far the most high-end mainstream smartwatch available in the Indian market, albeit compatible only with iPhones.

Apple Watch SE

Apple surprised everyone by releasing its first-ever ‘budget’ smartwatch this year. However, the Apple Watch SE is not underpowered by any means. It has a modern processor, a large Retina OLED display, water resistance, and an advanced workout tracker. While the ECG and blood oxygen sensors are missing, the Apple Watch SE more than makes up for it with the attractive price, which is a great entry point for people looking for a perfectly capable smartwatch in the Apple ecosystem.

OPPO Watch

OPPO Watch is another capable premium smartwatch available in the market. It runs Wear OS and features an advanced Ambiq Micro Apollo3 Wireless SoC processor. Despite being a full-fledged smartwatch, the OPPO Watch claims a solid battery backup and a 24-hour power-saving mode for emergencies. Other than that, you get top-of-the-line features including VOOC fast charging, built-in GPS, heart rate monitoring, and even guided breathing exercises for tense times. The design of the OPPO watch is one of its highlights and it’s sure to turn quite a few heads your way.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 3

Samsung’s latest iteration of its flagship smartwatch series, the Galaxy Watch 3, is its most refined offering to date. It features a unique circular design that gives it a natural watch-like appearance. It has a precision rotating bezel that helps you navigate through apps on the smartwatch, and the leather strap gives it a super-premium feel. Over and above that, you have some brilliant features such as blood oxygen monitoring, sleep tracking, running analysis, and a whopping 120+ workout programmes. If you own a Samsung — or even a non-Samsung — smartphone, the Galaxy Watch 3 is definitely a contender for the most capable smartwatch out there.

Fitbit Versa 3

Google-owned Fitbit is a big name in the wearables business, and its Versa 3 smartwatch is an example of this dominance. One of the best features of this smartwatch is Fitbit’s proprietary Active Zone Minutes that uses your resting heart rate to gauge your exercise level and pushes you when you step up the intensity so you can maximise your workout time. It comes with super-fast charging, which can give you up to a day of battery with just 12 minutes of charge. Other than that, the Versa 3’s heart rate and sleep tracking are more advanced than what you get on the competition, which is great if you are truly serious about fitness.

TicWatch Pro 3 GPS

Coming from a lesser-known brand, the TicWatch Pro 3 GPS is no less a competitor in the premium space against players like Samsung, and Apple. Some of its unique features include a dual-layer display 2.0, a power-saving Enhanced Essential mode, 24-hour heart rate monitoring with an advanced sensor, a high-resolution AMOLED display, sleep tracking, and noise detection, among others. While it surely is priced at a premium, it is a worthy purchase even at that price point.

So, those are the 5 most worthy nominees for the best smartwatch of 2020. All of them have something unique to offer and are, thus, special in their own sense. But, which one will win? 30 experts from the Indian tech media community will be judging these contenders in just a few weeks, so make sure you check back to find out the smartwatch that was adjudged the winner.