Infinix unveils whopping 180W fast charging tech, will debut on upcoming flagship phone

The 180W fast charge technology from Infinix can charge a 4500mAh battery to 50 percent in just 4 minutes.

  • Infinix has unveiled its 180W Thunder Charge Technology.
  • The fast charging solution can deliver 50 per cent charge in just 4 minutes.
  • The 180W charging adapter can also charge other compatible devices up to 100W.

Infinix just announced its 180W Thunder Charge Technology which is set to debut on select Infinix flagship phones in the second half of the year. This whopping 180W fast charging tech from the brand is capable of juicing up a 4,500mAh battery from 1 to 50 per cent in just four minutes. Delivering ultra-fast charging speeds is all the rage among Android OEMs today and we have already seen smartphones touch the 150W mark. Infinix is now amping it up to 180W soon.

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In a press release on Thursday, Infinix said that its 180W Thunder Charge uses batteries with a charging rate of 8C as opposed to most other smartphones that use batteries with rates of 1 to 3C. The 8C rating reduces the chances of battery overheating due to the fast charging technology, the company claims. Additionally, 180W Thunder Charge uses two 8C-rated batteries in series, so each battery charges only at 90W which reduces heat and increases longevity.

Infinix says that the 180W Thunder Charge tech has 111 software and hardware security protection mechanisms to protect smartphones, chargers, and charging cables. The temperature sensors on board the charging tech ensure the smartphone’s temperature is kept below 43-degree Celcius.

In addition to charging upcoming Infinix flagship phones at 180W, the charging adapter is also compatible with multiple fast charging protocols to deliver up to 100W charging to other mobile phones, tablets, and laptops.

Notably, the 180W fast charging solution from Infinix comes with two charging modes – Furious mode and Standard mode. The former charges the device at 180W while the latter likely delivers slower charging speeds that haven’t been specified. Infinix will launch flagship phones supporting this new 180W Thunder Charge technology in the second half of 2022.