Instagram’s new data saving feature will load images faster on slow networks

“Instagram’s data saver feature will neither preload videos nor download high-resolution images unless the user chooses to”

Instagram has announced a new feature that is claimed to provide an uninterrupted user experience in areas with a slow internet connection. This opt-in feature reduces the image loading time, thereby reducing the amount of data the app uses on mobile phones. The new data saver function of the Instagram app will neither preload videos nor download high-resolution images unless the user chooses to. Instagram claims this will enable users to control their data usage as well as increase image loading speed.


Furthermore, to activate it, head over to settings, then ‘Account’ and then in the “Cellular Data Use” is the option to enable the new data saver feature. Once the setting is enabled, users will be able to choose among three options for how Instagram will show high-resolution media including “Never,” “Wi-Fi Only,” and “Cellular + Wi-Fi”. The feature will be rolling globally over next one week and would be available only on Android, for now. Details regarding the iOS availability aren’t revealed yet, but it shouldn’t be long before the option starts appearing in the app’s Settings menu with an update.

Manish Chopra, Director and Head of Partnerships, Facebook India, “Instagram gets people closer to the people and things they love. The community’s power lies in visual storytelling and sharing amazing social video moments. With this data saver feature, we’re hoping for an uninterrupted Instagram experience in slow network areas, which in turn will increase people’s interactions with their friends and family.”