Instagram down for thousands of users globally, but there’s one way you can access it

Thousands of users around the world are experiencing difficulties accessing Instagram, amid a massive outage.

  • Instagram is currently down for thousands of users globally.
  • Downdetector shows a massive spike in the number of problems users have reported lately.
  • Some users, who rely upon VPNs, are still able to access the platform.

If you are experiencing difficulties with Instagram lately, you are certainly not alone. Instagram has been experiencing a massive outage, and is down for thousands of users around the world, including those trying to access it in India. The issue started arising on Wednesday night, and Downdetector has seen a massive surge in the users reporting the outage. Here’s what you need to know about the ongoing Instagram outage.

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Instagram down for thousands of users, but there’s a way to access it

Instagram down

As seen in the Downdetector chart above, the app has witnessed a massive outage in the last 24 hours, and the issue seems to have not been fixed yet. We tried to access the app via our metered connection, home Wi-Fi connection, and via a VPN (SurfShark). While the first two methods did not help us a single bit, trying to access Instagram with a VPN connection on did work for us, thereby meaning that the issue might be specific to some locations and servers.

The outage has been causing Instagram to not load content, such as posts from the feed and even the Stories won’t load. Users have been seeing messages like “Couldn’t refresh feed” and “Couldn’t load posts”. There have also been reports by users, claiming that Instagram gives out a notification suggesting that the devices are not connected to the internet, while they actually are. Surprisingly, in our test, one of our devices even logged us out of the app, and we have to log in again (which, thankfully, worked).

Several Twitter users expressed their reactions with the #Instagramdown (the hashtag was even trending on Twitter earlier this morning). Here are some of them:

Instagram is yet to confirm this massive outage, and we hope that things get back on track as soon as possible.