Intel announces Bonanza Mine Chip and System for Bitcoin mining

The Intel Bonanza Mine System using 1st gen Bonanza Mine ASIC chips can deliver 40TH/s.

  • The Intel Bonanza Mine is an ASIC that can be used for Bitcoin mining
  • Intel also announced the Bonanza Mine System, which uses 300 Bonanza Mine chips that offer 40 THs of performance with a power draw of 3600W
  • The chipmaker is reportedly shipping the 2nd gen Bonanza Mine chip to clients as well

Intel has announced its own Bitcoin mining chip during the ISSCC 2022 event that is currently underway in a virtual format. The chipmaker announced the 1st generation Bonanza Mine ASIC chipset, and also revealed that the 2nd gen chipset is already ready to be shipped to clients. A Bonanza Mine System was also unveiled at the event, which is a ready-to-run computer that delivers 40 THs of mining power. The presentation at ISSCC 2022 was mostly all about the 1st gen Bonanza Mine BMZ1 ASIC chip and the system. The Bonanza Mine chip and system will compete against ASIC miners from Bitmain, MicroBT, and other market leaders. 

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Intel Bonanza Mine ASIC chip and System

The 1st generation Intel Bonanza Mine ASIC chips are capable of providing up to 137GH/s while consuming just 7.5W. These chips are efficient but face stiff competition via chips from Bitmain and other companies. The BMZ1 is made using a 7nm process and is a good alternative for small miners who’re finding it difficult to source Antminer. Intel has reportedly started to ship 2nd generation chips to clients such as GRIID Infrastructure, BLOCK, and ARGO Blockchain. Details about the BMZ2 chip aren’t known yet. 

Intel also unveiled the Bonanza Mine System, which consists of 300 Bonanza Mine chips, and utilizes four hash boards, four fans, an Intel FPGA control unit, and a programmable power supply. As mentioned earlier, this system can offer 40 TH/s of mining performance with a power consumption of 3600W. That’s average performance considering the latest Antminer from Bitmain offers 110 TH/s at 3200W power usage. The BMZ2 based mining system should offer better performance, but will only be available later this year. Reports suggest that the second generation miner will offer 40.4 TH/s at a power consumption of 2,293W. 

Intel filed a patent for ‘high-performance Bitcoin miner’ back in November 2018. The company promised that its system will offer 15 percent lower power consumption when compared to other miners.