iOS 12.1.1 update reportedly leaves some iPhone users with no mobile data connection

“The issues faced by the affected iOS 12.1.1 users vary from device, with some users not able to use mobile data and others not getting any network connectivity”

Apple released the iOS 12.1.1 update for iPhones, iPads, and iPod touch models last week. It’s just been a few days for the rollout but some iPhone users claim they are not able to use mobile data connections since they updated their handsets to the latest version of the software. The new update also reportedly blocks the network selection for some users, creating serious trouble for some users.

According to a tweet that Apple Support replied to, the company was already aware of the issue since the developers already warned about the issue with iOS 12.1.1 beta 2. The issue seems to have affected users in several countries and these glitches seem to be affecting device in no consistent manner. Based on the reports, some said that the mobile data network is working while navigating with Safari but are unable to use the apps. Some of them are unable to use Twitter or Amazon but can associate to the network using Google apps and Whatsapp. Some users cannot connect the device with their mobile data, hence searching for a Wi-Fi signal to use the device.

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Although the new update has successfully made it possible to flip the camera used for the FaceTime video chats with just one tap, the sideeffects have left users with a great deal of trouble. The update has been designed to resolve bugs and problems and addition of new features.

In order to fix the issue, some of the users have performed a hard reboot and carrier settings but neither of them worked. Hence, it is clear that users will have to wait for a new update by Apple that could fix or resolve the existing issue. In the meantime, the user who did not update their device to the latest version, it would be better to wait for the brand to send out a fix.

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