iOS 13 and new iOS 13 beta include Apple AR headset references

“Apple is expected to launch a new AR headset and add support for Stereo AR apps in iOS 13”

More references to Apple’s AR headset and the StarBoard framework for Stereo AR apps have been discovered in the latest iOS 13.1 beta and the iOS 13 GM. Rumours and reports about Apple developing is own AR headset have been around for quite some time now. Earlier this month, code found in an internal build of iOS 13 shed a few details about the workings of the headset. The build also included an app called STARTester, which could be used to test the AR headset. As per reports, Apple has been testing at least two headsets and the Stereo AR app.

It is also possible that Apple may have wanted to launch the new products at the recent iPhone 11 event, but decided not to. Developer Steve Troughton-Smith posted several tweets revealing his discoveries. He found the StarBoard framework for the Stereo AR apps in the latest iOS 13 golden master and the beta 3 of iOS 13.1. The GM also included a readme app that explained how to test the Stereo AR apps without the AR headset.

According to his findings, the StarBoard framework will allow the headset to display the UI seen on the phone. It is very likely that the entire thing will run on the iPhone, instead of using the headset’s power. With the latest A13 chipset being so powerful and Apple calling it the fastest chipset on any smartphone, it is highly likely that the AR headset will run from the iPhone. Steve Troughton-Smith also believes that the iPhone would be the brain for the AR headset.

The Stereo AR apps would be an extension that developers could add to their app bundle in case you want it to be available as an AR app. It is possible that when the AR headset is connected, it could show the user all the available Stereo AR apps. This could be similar to how the apps are shown when the iPhone is connected via CarPlay on a vehicle. We will have to wait longer to get more details on this.