iOS 16 beta brings back iPhone battery percentage to status bar after 5 years

Who's thanking iOS 16?

  • The latest iOS 16 beta 5 release brings back the battery percentage to the status bar. 
  • It seems iPhone XR, iPhone 11, iPhone 12, and iPhone 13 Mini users are yet to receive this treatment. 
  • This battery percentage feature has an all-time full battery bar bug. 

Apple’s today’s iOS 16 beta 5 release has brought back the battery percentage to the iPhone status bar after it disappeared since the iPhone X’s release. This OS brings a slew of exciting features, but perhaps the most interesting one is the return of the battery percentage after five years. Apple stated that they had to remove the battery indicator from the status bar due to the notch’s real estate coverage on display, leaving no room for a battery percentage.

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Because of this, the only option users have is to scroll down the control panel to see the current battery percentage. It was inconvenient for users to swipe down the panel every time just to check battery percentage; it still is. Thankfully those days of darkness are finally over, for iOS 16 beta users at least.

iOS 16 brings back battery percentage

If you’re an iOS 16 user, head to Setting – Battery – and toggle ON the Battery Percentage. Apparently, if you’re an iPhone XR, iPhone 11, iPhone 12, and iPhone 13 Mini user, this option won’t be available for you. Likewise, if you’re an iPhone SE (any generation), iPod touch, iPad, and iPhone 8 user, this won’t apply to you since Apple never removed battery percentage from these devices.

Like everything in beta, this feature also includes bugs. In our testing, the battery percentage reads 46 percent, but the bar shows full health. This means that even if your iPhone is at 10 percent, the battery bar will still look full, which seems misleading.

iOS 16

The primary purpose of the battery bar is to give a rough idea of how much battery the iPhone has in the tank. This full battery bar – all the time – paired with a small number indicator is hard to read, especially in the light mode where everything is white, and so is the battery bar.