iOS 16 update: these iPhone models will not get battery indicator, connecting fake AirPods will trigger alert

Apple released the stable iOS 16 update for all eligible iPhone users on September 12th.

  • Apple released the iOS 16 update for eligible iPhones this week.
  • iOS 16 brings the ability to see the battery percentage within the battery icon.
  • However, some iPhone models will not get the battery percentage feature.

Apple finally released the stable version of iOS 16 for all iPhone users with an iPhone 8 or newer model. With the iOS 16 update, iPhone users have got a slew of new and important features. These include the ability to finally be able to see the battery percentage within the battery indicator, and a lesser-known extension to Apple’s alerts for counterfeit products.

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Starting with the battery percentage indicator, which is a much-hyped addition. With iOS 16, Apple has finally brought the ability to allow users to check their iPhone’s exact battery percentage without having to pull down the control panel. However, this feature will not be available on some of the older iPhones.

iPhone XR, iPhone 11, iPhone  12 Mini, iPhone 13 Mini won’t get iOS 16 battery indicator

In a support document for the new battery indicator feature, Apple has mentioned that the new battery percentage indicator is not available on the iPhone XR, iPhone 11, iPhone 12 Mini, and the iPhone 13 Mini. The iPhone maker has not given any additional information as to why these smartphones will miss out on the new feature. So if you are an iPhone XR, iPhone 11, iPhone 12 Mini, or iPhone 13 Mini user, you won’t be able to see your battery percentage in the status bar. 

iOS 16

If you are not using any of the above-mentioned iPhone models, you can enable the new battery percentage feature after updating to iOS 16. Go to Settings > Battery, and turn on Battery Percentage.

iOS 16 will tell if you’re connecting fake AirPods

Further, the iOS 16 is also getting a feature that will warn users if they pair a counterfeit or fake pair of AirPods. The feature was found in the code of the beta released for developers on Wednesday, a 9to5Mac report states.

Apple can already alert you if an iPhone or iPad has been repaired using counterfeit parts. Now, it looks like the Cupertino-based giant will extend this feature to AirPods.

The code found in the internal system by 9to5Mac reveals that iOS 16 can detect counterfeit AirPods, which are fairly common across the world. With counterfeits becoming closer and closer to the original AirPods with all the auto-pairing and battery indicator features, this is a feature that will help users avoid fake AirPods.

With iOS 16, your iPhone or iPad will alert users if they try to pair a fake pair of AirPods to their iPhone. The report mentions that there will be a ‘Learn More’ button which may redirect users to Apple’s support page. The alert will also give users a “Don’t connect” option, the 9to5Mac report said.

While your iPhone will alert you if you pair fake AirPods, it won’t block you from using them. This feature will not apply to third-party headphones and TWS earbuds, since the system is made to identify counterfeit AirPods that spoof Apple’s official design and technology.