iPhones running iOS 17 will turn into a smart display with this new feature

iOS 17 is expected to release later this year for iPhones. Ahead of the rollout, Apple will preview iOS 17 features at WWDC that is taking place next month.

  • Apple is planning to turn your iPhone into a smart display with iOS 17.
  • This new feature will show notifications, calendar appointments, and weather information on your iPhone’s locked screen.
  • It will reportedly work only when the iPhone is in landscape mode. 

Apple is slated to release iOS 17 later this year after previewing it at WWDC next month. The iPhone maker has already previewed some iOS 17 features, and there have been rumours and leaks around the software upgrade as well. A new report now talks about an interesting iOS 17 feature that will change quite a lot how iPhones work. 

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iPhone smart display

According to Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman, Apple is planning to turn iPhones into smart displays with the iOS 17 update.

  • It will basically turn your iPhone’s locked screen into a smart display by showing notifications, calendar appointments, and weather information.
  • This will be similar to an Always On display but it will be different as it will only work when the iPhone is in landscape mode.
  • When the iPhone is on its smart display mode, the background will be dark and the text
    will be bright so that it’s easy to read. 

So people who like to keep their iPhones on their desk or nightstand can make use of this feature. It would be an interesting usage of the iPhone’s display if this feature does make it on iOS 17.

Apple recently previewed some features that are expected to roll out with iOS 17. These are accessibility features and some of them are quite significant. One of these is called ‘Personal Voice‘, and this feature will let you create a personalised voice that will sound almost the same as your natural voice. One can do so by reading out a randomised set of text prompts and recording it for 15 minutes on their iPhone or iPad. 

Then there’s Live Speech, another new accessibility feature that will let users type a message and have it spoken out loud during phone, FaceTime calls, and in-person conversations as well. We’re expecting to see these features and more of at WWDC 2023 that is scheduled to start on June 5th