iPad mini 6 users unable to charge device after installing iPadOS 15.5 update: here’s what you can do

  • Multiple users have been experiencing charging issues with the iPad mini 6 after updating to iPadOS 15.5.
  • Restoring the iPad software doesn’t seem to work.
  • As a temporary fix, Apple is asking affected users to reboot their iPad mini.

Apple iPad mini 6 is the brand’s latest compact tablet device. Apparently, the latest iPadOS 15.5 update has been causing some issues since its rollout. Multiple users have been experiencing charging issues with the iPad mini 6 after the update and there are numerous complaints on the Apple Support Community forums. Affected users are no longer able to charge their iPad mini 6 after the iPadOS 15.5 update. This applies regardless of the power adapter or cable used.

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Some users have tried restoring the iPad software to see if it fixes the issue but that doesn’t seem to work. While this appears to be a hardware issue, the reason behind this is software-related.

iPad mini 6 charging issue

The new iPadOS 15.5 update is apparently causing charging issues on the iPad mini 6 tablets. In an internal memo sent to authorised service providers (via), Apple has stated that it is aware that users have been facing issues when charging the iPad mini 6 after installing the iPadOS 15.5 update. Apple also says in the memo that replacing the internal battery or even the iPad itself won’t solve the problem. This basically confirms that the charging issue is a software bug.

It isn’t clear whether the new iPadOS 15.6 beta, which is currently available to developers will fix the issue with the iPad Mini 6. As a temporary fix, the company is advising employees at Apple Retail Stores and service providers to ask affected users to reboot their iPad mini.

As said above, it isn’t clear whether moving to iPadOS 15.6 beta update will fix the issue but interested users can give it a try. We have included the steps to install the update.

  • Open the ‘beta.apple.com‘ website on your iPad.
  • Sign in with your Apple ID.
  • On the main homepage, tap on “Get Started.”
  • Then select the “iPadOS” tab and choose “enroll your device”
  • Follow on-screen instructions to download and install the profile.
  • After installing the profile, you will see the iPadOS 15.6 notification in the update section on the iPad.