Apple iPhone 12 with 5G support may not launch in September, Qualcomm hints

iPhone 12 5G models may not be ready for a September launch

  • Since iPhones usually sell in big numbers, Qualcomm may have disclosed the impact on its earnings calls
  • Apple’s 5G lines are rumoured to be delayed due to COVID-19 pandemic

Apple is expected to bring 5G support to all iPhone 12 models come September, but there may be a delay in the company’s launch plans. Qualcomm in its Q3 earnings report may have hinted there could be a delay in Apple’s upcoming 5G iPhones. The chipmaker highlighted “partial impact from the delay of a global 5G flagship phone launch” for its fourth-quarter projections that which is July, August, and September earnings. A close look at the upcoming announcements suggests that there’s aren’t any major launches other than the iPhone 12 series down the year. Since iPhones usually sell in big numbers, Qualcomm may have to disclose the impact on its earnings calls.

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This falls in line with rumours claiming that Apple’s 5G lines are being delayed due to COVID-19 pandemic. Qualcomm’s Chief financial officer Akash Palkhiwala recently hinted that the delay may not be too long for the iPhones, “a slight delay that pushes some of the units out from the September quarter to the December quarter for us.” Qualcomm’s December quarter has October, November, and December, so the iPhone 12 that was slated for September launch may be delayed to the following month.

To recall, Apple and Qualcomm settled the $4.5 billion patent settlement that allowed the Cupertino giant use the US-based chipmaker’s 5G modems. Qualcomm announced in its Q3 earnings call that it had a similar patent dispute with Huawei, where the latter agreed to pay $1.8 billion in a settlement over licensing for Qualcomm’s wireless technology patents. Apple is said to introduce iPhone 12 models with Qualcomm 5G modems and this would mark the company’s foray into the 5G market, which many other OEMs have already started offering.