iPhone 13 Pro vs Nokia 3310: Drop test results might surprise you!

  • iPhone 13 Pro display, protected by ceramic shield, managed to survive three massive drops from the top of the staircase and continued to work just fine
  • Nokia 3310 inner parts were shattered on the first fall itself but the phone would have likely worked just fine if reassembled
  • iPhone 13 Pro’s back panel was completely shattered during the drop test

Nokia 3310 is often considered to be one of the most durable, if not the most, phone ever made. This is why when YouTube channel called TechRax decided to do a drop test between the Nokia 3310 and the iPhone 13 Pro, it seemed that the winner would be obvious. However, in a remarkable turn of events, iPhone 13 Pro managed to show tremendous durability during the test that saw both phones being dropped from the top to the bottom of several flights of stairs. While we can’t say that the iPhone 13 Pro came out on the top, as TechRax didn’t drop it the same number of times as the iPhone 13 Pro, it comes as a surprise that even after three massive drops on hard floors and sharp edges, the iPhone 13 Pro’s display, protected by the ceramic shield, was still working perfectly fine and was found to be relatively harmless (a few cracks on the side). However, we should mention that the back panel of the phone was completely shattered during this test.

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In the drop test, TechRax first dropped the Nokia 3310 from the top of the flights of stairs. While the phone’s parts were all let loose, which should not be surprising to anyone who has owned a Nokia feature phone, none of the parts seemed to be damaged to a point where a simple reassembling would not work. Unfortunately, TechRax didn’t reassemble the phone and dropped it again. He then moved on to the iPhone 13 Pro. In the first drop, the phone’s back glass was shattered but the display came out unscathed. In the second drop, the phone was dropped vertically so that it’s bottom edge is staring at the bottom of the stairs. In this drop, the phone’s display still managed to work with cracks on just the side. The back panel was further shattered.

In the last fall, the phone didn’t seem to go as far down the staircase as the other two drops but the impact seemed to be harsh. However, the iPhone 13 Pro didn’t get any substantial damage from this fall and the display continued to work in its usual manner. While the test could have included three drops for the Nokia 3310 for better comparison, it is fair to say that iPhone 13 Pro’s display panel durability has definitely surprised us. At least this drop test should give you confidence that in case you dropped yours from the top of the table or desk to a hard floor, it will most likely survive.

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