Apple quietly removed iPhone Live Wallpapers in iOS 16: here’s why they did it

The feature was quite popular among iPhone users. But why did Apple remove it?

  • Apple disabled the iPhone Live Wallpaper capability with the launch of iOS 16.
  • The Live Wallpaper feature was quite popular among iPhone users.
  • With iOS 16, Apple has introduced new dynamic wallpaper collections.

We know that with iOS 16, it is no longer possible to set animated Live Wallpapers on our lock screen, which was quite popular among its users. So, why did Apple remove Live Wallpapers from iOS 16?  YouTuber Greg Wyatt Jr. of Apple Explained has answered the question and has said it’s related to the gesture required to get the wallpaper to move on the lock screen. Let us take a quick look at the points he mentioned behind Apple disabling this feature quietly.

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Why Apple removed Live Wallpapers

Apple started offering Live Wallpapers five years ago with iOS 11, and with the release of iOS 16, the company quietly took away this feature, which also included Apple’s official Dynamic Wallpapers that moved on the lock screen.

Users had to long press on the display to see the motion of a Live Wallpaper, but this became an issue when Apple decided to offer a customisable lock screen because that was a feature previously implemented on Apple Watch and was similarly activated by a long press. And therein lies the problem.

To bring the custom lock screen functionality to iPhone, Apple would have to add a new gesture either to trigger it or eliminate the Live Wallpaper feature entirely so that the long press would bring up the custom lock screen interface, similar to how it works on Apple Watch. The YouTuber says that Apple value consistency and seamlessness over a plethora of features. Therefore deleting Live Wallpapers made sense since it brought the user experience of the iPhone and Apple Watch together, making each device easier to operate.

Citing Apple’s internal research, the YouTuber said not many people were utilising Live or Dynamic Wallpapers throughout the years, thus deleting the feature wasn’t anticipated to create much disappointment. Similar to how 3D Touch was a standout feature of the iPhone 6s until it was phased out four years later with the iPhone 11 due to little usage.

How to use the new Apple live wallpapers?

While there are no longer any Live Wallpapers available, there are still dynamic and animated wallpapers that can add some movement to your lock screen and can be accessed easily. You simply need to follow these steps to use them.

  1. Turn on your iPhone.
  2. Hold your finger on the lock screen.
  3. Tap the + button in the bottom right corner to access the customisation menu.
  4. Look for a wallpaper that you like.
  5. After you click Apply, your new wallpaper will be installed immediately.
The Astronomy and Weather Live Wallpapers are probably the best iOS 16 Live Wallpapers. These are not only interactive, but they also use your location to provide you with the most precise information available.