Is your iPhone taking longer to charge than usual? Here’s how to fix it (if you want to)

If you also face slow charging issues on your iPhone, you need to read this.

  • Some iPhone users complain of slow charging issues because of a new feature.
  • The new feature was introduced with iOS 16.1 update.
  • Users can also turn off the new function through the settings.

If you are an iPhone user currently facing slow charging issues, you need to stop worrying, as it might be because of a new feature. The recently launched feature, which Apple calls Clean Energy Charging, has sparked quite a buzz on various social media platforms. The feature was introduced in iOS 16.1. Its purpose is to lessen the impact of iPhone users on the environment by reducing the amount of energy consumed while charging the device’s battery. Let us look closer at the feature.

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What is the iPhone Clean Energy Charging feature?


Apple released its Clean Energy Charging feature in October 2022, making it accessible to users in the US who were operating an iPhone with iOS 16.1 or a later version. The functionality is designed to decrease your carbon footprint by charging preferentially at times when electricity with lower carbon emissions is available.

Basically, every time you plug your iPhone into a charger, your iPhone gets a forecast of the carbon emissions from your local energy grid. Then, your phone will use this information to only charge your iPhone when it can get energy from a cleaner source. So, you might plug your phone in and find a few hours later that it’s barely charged.

Clean Energy Charging and Optimized Battery Charging work together to learn how you charge your phone. It only works in places like your home or where you spend most of your time and charge your iPhone for long periods. If your charging habits change or you are in a new place, the feature won’t work. In order for Clean Energy Charging to work, some location settings must be turned on.

How to disable the iPhone Clean Energy Charging feature?


The functionality is enabled by default, but it is simple to disable. People with iPhones can go to settings, then battery, then battery health and charging, and finally, clean energy charging. You then select “off.”

Additional causes of a slow-charging iPhone include a bad connection, a blocked or broken charging connector, an overheating device, or an outdated software version. Users are warned by Apple not to utilise accessories that are broken. The tech giant has been advised to utilise a wall power outlet and make sure that the charging cable, USB wall adapter, and wall outlet or AC power cable are firmly connected before trying another outlet.