Jabra Elite 5 review: premium sound

Are the Jabra Elite 5 the best TWS experience under Rs 15,000? Check out our review to find out.

The world of premium-level TWS buds is continuously expanding as users look to elevate their audio experience. Jabra is one such brand that has a pedigree in delivering quality sound with its competitively-priced offerings. The Elite 5 from the Danish audio giant is one such offering priced at Rs 11,999 currently on Amazon. It goes toe-to-toe with devices from the likes of Sony, OnePlus, and OPPO. I have been using the Jabra Elite 5 for a while now and here is my detailed review of the experience.

The lowdown

  • Let’s first start with the build quality of the Elite 5, which to say the least, is rather elegant. The case itself has a matte finish to it and its size is not obtrusive enough to hinder pocketability. However, it does have a tendency to gather a lot of smudges and fingerprints on its dark blue-coloured case. A USB Type-C port is present on the back for charging purposes while the lid on the case can open and snap shut magnetically.
  • The earbuds attach quite firmly inside the case, but are easy enough to pull out. Each bud has a physical button instead of a capacitive implementation. Different number of taps trigger separate functionalities like controlling ANC, track switching, volume control, and more. The input is reliable and doesn’t miss at all, a problem that users of many earbuds with touch-based controls face. However, the volume adjustment can be a bit wonky when using the earbuds.
  • Each bud weighs about 5g and comes with three replaceable silicone tips. The tips that come pre-installed on the Elite 5 fit snuggly inside my ear and didn’t fall even after I shook my head vigorously. An IP55 rating is present for the buds to protect against moderate water damage and sweat. 
  • Connectivity with Android phones is as easy as just opening the case. You get a notification on your smartphone for instant pairing with the Elite 5. On iOS handsets, you will have to go into the Bluetooth settings to connect with the earbuds. You can have two devices paired simultaneously and the Elite 5 can remember up to six devices to switch between. Removing either earbud from the ear will pause the music being played, but putting it back does not resume it, which I found odd.
  • ANC (active noise cancellation) is available with the earbuds along with a hear-through mode that amplifies ambient noises. The level can be set in the Jabra Sound+ app available both on iOS and Android. Apart from that you can also make changes to the equaliser and set certain music presets to elevate your listening experience. The app also has, among other things, options to personalise the ANC according to your hearing, configure the physical button controls, Find My Jabra, and more. Finally, the battery levels of each individual earbud along with the case battery can also be seen on the app’s homepage.
  • The pièce de résistance of the Elite 5 is its overall sound quality and noise cancellation, both of which are exceptional for its price. I was particularly impressed with how good the instrument separation is in some of the old classics like Riders on the Storm and Pink Floyd’s Us and Them. The earbuds, with their expansive soundstage, feel like they auditorily transport me to the recording studio itself. Focus is more on the highs and mids as compared to lows alongside a thumping bass, consequently, the earbuds are a treat to listeners of electronic music, hip-hop, heavy metal, and classic rock.
  • While watching some movies like Zack Snyder’s Man of Steel the unnerving rumblings of the World Engine being released were palpable on the Elite 5. There are also other times when the earbuds introduced previously unheard pieces of sounds that other TWS were not able to replicate. All major codecs are supported by the Elite 5 like AAC, Qualcomm aptX, and SBC while the driver size of each earbud is 6mm. In short, the audio experience with the Jabra was extremely satisfying and feels like its money’s worth. 
  • As for the ANC, if a good enough seal is made with your ears then the Elite 5 basically cancels out any ambient noise. This includes things like moderate traffic sounds, fan or AC noise, the constant rumble of a plane’s engine while flying, and more. Concurrently, the hear-through mode slightly boosts the sounds in your vicinity for things like hearing your flight announcements or crossing a busy intersection. The call quality with the earbuds is also quite good with six in-built mics on the device along with noise reduction for clearer output.
  • Battery-wise, the Elite 5 are rated for up to 36 hours of music playback, including the case, while ANC is off. This figure drops down to 28 hours with ANC on while each individual earbud has a nine-hour battery life. In my testing, using the device for up to four hours each day on ANC, I felt the need to charge the case after nearly a week. This is pretty good in my books and if you do need a top-up of power before that, the earbuds get up to one hour of playback on a 10-minute charge inside the case.


The Jabra Elite 5 are a near-perfect pair of earbuds in every sense of the word. Offering exceptional audio, powerful ANC, sturdy design, and lasting battery life, the earbuds are my top recommendation for under Rs 15,000. There are just a couple of small problems with the TWS not resuming music once I put it back in my ear and the volume controls acting a bit iffy. However, for just about everything else the Elite 5 will be a reliable sound partner.

Editor’s rating: 4 / 5


  • Durable and trendy
  • Good sound for the price
  • Lasting battery life
  • Easy pairing process


  • Volume controls can be a bit iffy