Jio 5G in India: 1Gbps speed achieved in trial, but launch still a pipe dream

  • Reliance Industries Chairman Mukesh Ambani announced Jio 5G solutions for Health, Education, and more.
  • Jio 5G network launch in India is still months away.
  • Jio achieved speeds of over 1Gbps during trials.

The Reliance AGM 2021 keynote address just ended and it saw Reliance Industries Chairman Mukesh Ambani announce new developments in Jio 5G network. While many reports had you believing that the Jio 5G launch in India would happen today, sadly, that did not happen. Firstly, for Jio 5G services to roll out, the 5G spectrum auction will need to take place. This is now expected only in 2022, unfortunately. That said, Jio is confident that it will be the first to launch full-fledged 5G services in India While the company did not reveal the Jio 5G launch date in India yet, Mukesh Ambani did announce key developments in Jio 5G.

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Jio 5G solution being tested

Jio has conducted trials of its 5G solution and announced speeds of over 1Gbps. Recently, the operator began 5G field trials in Mumbai as it received the necessary regulatory approvals. The field trials are being conducted with ‘Made in India’ gear as the company promises to offer a completely localised 5G solution.

Jio 5G

During the AGM 2021, Ambani said that Jio is developing an end-to-end 5G ecosystem by working with global partners to develop a full range of 5G-capable devices. Jio aims to create 5G-enabled applications for consumers and enterprises in the Healthcare, Education, Entertainment, Retail, and other key verticals of the economy.

Jio 5G solutions for Health, Education, and more

“One exciting 5G-enabled solution that JIO is developing with Sir H. N. Reliance Foundation Hospital is a state-of-the-art Connected Ambulance. With real-time, high-fidelity Telemedicine and remote doctor access, each Connected Ambulance can become a virtual extension of a hospital emergency room even while on the move,” said Ambani during the keynote.

“We are developing with Reliance Foundation schools to use 5G to deliver immersive and interactive AR/ VR content to students and classrooms making the learning process a delightful, memorable, and enriching experience.”

Ambani added that Jio’s goal is not just to make India “2G-Mukt” (2G-free) but also “5G-Yukt” (5G-equipped). While Jio has made plans to penetrate various sectors on the economy with its 5G solution, there is still no word on when Jio 5G network will launch. Ambani had previously mentioned that the Jio 5G launch would happen by mid-2021, but that seems unlikely given the 5G spectrum auction delay.

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