Jio 5G phone: 5 things we know about the upcoming Jio-Google 5G phone

  • Jio 5G phone could be announced on June 24th during the Reliance AGM 2021.
  • Jio 5G phone price in India will reportedly be around Rs 2,500.
  • The Jio-Google phone will run on a custom version of Android.

Jio 5G phone launch date in India seems to be around the corner now and there have been plenty of rumours surrounding the device. The Jio 5G phone is expected to be an ultra-low-cost 5G phone as Jio looks to bring 5G to the masses. Over the past several months, there have been reports on the Jio 5G phone price in India. During last year’s AGM, Reliance Jio announced it was partnering with Google to bring affordable 5G phones to India. The Jio-Google 5G phone has been kept under wraps, but here’s a look at a few things that we know so far.

Jio 5G phone launch date in India

The Jio 5G phone India launch is widely believed to take place during the Reliance AGM 2021 on June 24th. The company has not confirmed this yet, but it makes sense considering the first time the Jio-Google phone was mentioned was at last year’s AGM. The Reliance AGM 2021 will be live-streamed on YouTube starting at 2 PM IST.

Jio 5G phone price in India

According to several reports in the past, the Jio 5G phone price in India could be around Rs 2,500. The subsidised 5G phone will look to help millions of existing 2G feature phone users make the jump to 5G. Jio will likely offer its 5G phone bundled with Jio 5G plans, but details on this are slim at the moment. “Jio wants to bring the device for less than Rs 5,000. When we scale up the sales, it can be priced in the range of Rs 2,500-3,000,” a company official told PTI back in October.

200 million Jio Android phones expected to ship

Reports last year also mentioned that Jio has asked local manufacturers to ramp up production and manufacture as many as 200 million Jio Android phones in 2021. This will likely include 5G and 4G Android phones. “It’s worked with assemblers on prototypes for at least two years in secret and can bring a phone rapidly to market, though it’s likely to miss the November Diwali shopping season,” sources told Bloomberg back in September.

Jio 5G phone

Jio 5G phone to run on custom Android OS

The upcoming Jio 5G phone is said to run on a customised Android version. We are not sure if the device will be running on Android Go or a completely new forked version of Android. We don’t know what this version of Android looks like yet, but it is expected to be optimised for entry-level phones with low RAM and storage, much like Android Go. Google announced the Android Go initiative as a way to help millions of feature phone users in emerging markets like India to make the switch to a smartphone. This way, both Google and Jio’s ambitions line up organically.

Jio 5G phone could run on a Qualcomm chipset

In addition to partnering with Google last year, Jio also made deals with Qualcomm, Intel, and Facebook, among others. With the Qualcomm partnership, Jio is aiming to manufacture critical 5G equipment in the country. However, Qualcomm could also be supplying its 5G mobile chipsets for the upcoming Jio 5G phone. The Snapdragon 480 5G is among the cheapest 5G mobile processors from the chipmaker, but we may be looking at a brand new SoC for entry-level 5G phones.