Jio and Airtel announce validity extension for mobile plans, users will continue to receive incoming calls

    • The extension of validity has been announced just as the country has entered second phase of lockdown
    • Airtel earlier announced extension of plan validity till April 17th
    • Airtel has announced the extension of validity till May 3rd 

Airtel and Jio have now announced that their respective users will continue to receive incoming calls even if the validity of their existing plans has exhausted as the companies continue to try and tackle the complications caused by the novel coronavirus pandemic. Due to the nationwide lockdown, implemented with the intention to flatten the COVID-19 spread curve, many of these users have not been able to recharge their phones and the telecom companies are acknowledging that despite the availability of various sources from where accounts can be recharged, a large proportion of users has not been able to recharge their phones during this lockdown period. 

In its announcement, Airtel said: “Many of these (under-privileged low income workers) customers have been able to recharge through several channels activated by Airtel including – ATMs, Post Offices, Grocery stores and Chemist shops, in addition to digital channels. However, close to 30 million such customers have still not been able to recharge their pre-paid mobile accounts. Keeping in mind their connectivity needs, Airtel is extending the validity of these accounts till May 3, 2020. All these customers will now be able to receive incoming calls on their Airtel mobile numbers even after the validity of their plan is exhausted.” Notably, Airtel had earlier extended the validity of its prepaid recharges till April 17th due to the lockdown.

Reliance Jio, on the other hand, has confirmed that every Jio user will continue to receive incoming calls. In its official statement on the matter, the company said, “This will not only benefit low-income users but also benefit everyone who is unable to do a recharge during these challenging times.”